Yes, the battle to have the World’s Most Powerful Truck has taken another twist.  The mantle, which used to be held by the Volvo FH16-700 has now been taken by Scania who have launched their new R 730 with a 16.4-litre 730hp V8.  And here it is.


With a torque level of 3,500 Nm and 730 horsepower, Scania’s new V8 is the most powerful truck engine in the world − built to meet the toughest emission standards and handle the most demanding tasks. Given its power, the new engine will also enable hauliers to meet the future need for higher transport capacity – longer and heavier trucks − thereby providing benefits for the environment and the climate.

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Scania’s entire V8 truck range has received both exterior and interior upgrades in order to emphasise and amplify the special V8 sensation that is receiving praise from drivers and hauliers worldwide.

Before Tachoblog treats you to some more pictures, have a look at this one on the move.

And, as promised, here are some more shots of the World’s Strongest Truck.


Now for some more on the detail.  Distinct front grille in Black Brilliant with special mesh pattern.

Scania 1

Scania, model and V8 badges in chrome at the front.

Scania 2

Specially styled exhaust tailpipe on left-hand side and V8 symbol on sideskirts.

Scania 3

V8 symbol on dashboard, in central instrument display and on remote control. Black wooden and stitched leather steering wheel with light grey seams (option).

Scania 4

Fluted black leather seats with light grey stitched seams and embossed V8 symbol.

Scania 5

For yet ,more information about Scania’s new V8 range, go to

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