Motorists on one of the busiest stretches of motorway in the Netherlands will now be able to drive more safely and more sustainably thanks to the completion of the world’s first all-LED highway lighting program.

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Philips – in collaboration with the Rijkswaterstaat (RWS – the Dutch highway authority), contractors Gebroeders Van der Lee and consultants Spectrum – has installed LED lighting along a 7km-length of the A44, one of the busy highways feeding commuters into and out of Amsterdam. The installation will be officially switched on in February.

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Public authorities like the RWS are increasingly seeking lighting solutions which both meet targets for reducing energy consumption, and comply with norms and standards that ensure safety for motorists. With this in mind, the A44 uses Philips’ SpeedStar LED solution, a highly energy-efficient luminaire which combines bright LED light with a unique dimming capability that dynamically lowers light output and energy consumption to safe levels during off-peak periods, with the ability to automatically turn up light levels as traffic picks up.

With around 60% of the energy consumed by the Netherlands’ motorways and waterways used for lighting, the Philips installation on the A44 will save some 180,000 kWh per year – the equivalent energy consumption of 50 households. The Philips LED and dimming solution on the A44 will save more up to 40% of the energy currently consumed by the previously lighting on the highway, with a similar reduction in CO2 emissions from the energy use. The RWS also aims to use the A44 installation to learn more about the use of innovative LED-based lighting solutions on Dutch highways.

“The aim for our collaboration with the Rijkswaterstaat is to implement lighting solutions that both save energy and require less maintenance work on the roads,” Frank van der Vloed, General Manager, Philips Lighting Benelux told Tachoblog.

“Together, we will help provide a safe night time driving experience while helping to lower energy consumption.”

In making use of state-of-the-art LED lighting technology, the Philips Speedstar installation on the A44 ensures that all of the luminaire’s bright, white light is focused on the highway, significantly minimizing light pollution that can otherwise be distracting for local residents as well as animals.

A further benefit of the Speedstar application is that the longer lifetime of LED lighting, coupled with the ability to remotely monitor the installation via from a central control, will help minimize maintenance needs. This will both lower operational costs and improve traffic planning to avoid disruption to road use.

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