It’s high time we featured some Western Stars on Tachoblog, so spotting these beer pullers on the Daimler Media Site gives Tachoblog the perfect excuse (not that we need one of course!).  Sadly we can’t get any larger images – we have asked Western Star but, so far, we’ve heard nothing…


For more than 20 years, Sleeman Breweries has been a leading brewer and premium beer distributor in Canada. Based in the small town of Guelph, Ontario, Sleeman products are available in almost every supermarket and pub throughout Canada. With more than 900 employees and five breweries across Canada, Sleeman’s is one of the fastest growing beer manufacturers in North America.

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The company makes a variety of unique brews that draw on a family recipe dating from 1834, including the best-selling Sleeman’s Cream Ale and Honey Brown Lager.

Because of the beer’s increasing popularity and the need for reliable vehicles to support that demand and deliver its products on time, Dave Joyce, Sleeman Breweries driver crew leader, runs a fleet of nine Western Star® 4900 FA trucks.

“We believe that the quality and reliability of our trucks directly enhances our employees’ confidence and their ability to effectively do their job,” Dave Joyce told Tachoblog. “Driving a Western Star truck helps improve our business and provides a comfortable environment for the long hours our drivers spend on the road.”

Upon purchasing their first Western Star trucks, Joyce and his colleagues flew to the Western Star production plant in Portland, Ore., for a hands-on role in building their trucks. The manufacturer impressed them from the moment they walked in the door.

“The team at Western Star took the time to understand exactly what type of truck we were looking for and offered many detailed customization options for both inside and out,” said Joyce. “They gave us an in-depth tour of the production plant, explained how our trucks were being built and how each specific feature would benefit our drivers and enhance our company’s deliveries.”


All of Sleeman Breweries’ Western Star’s feature a 515 hp, Detroit Diesel® Series 60® engine, and are spec’d with chrome detailing, plush carpeting, leather seats, and satellite radio. Built for heavier applications such as hauling beer, Joyce notes the trucks durability as the high point, and the unique style and customization are the icing on the cake.

“We immediately noticed the superior craftsmanship of the trucks,” said Joyce. “The attention that Western Star puts into even the most intricate details like the comfort of the seats and cab roominess makes you realize that it’s a top-of-the-line truck.”

According to Joyce, another key benefit of purchasing Western Star trucks is the dealer experience, and easy access to maintenance through Highway Sterling-Western Star, located in nearby Ayr, Ontario. Highway Sterling-Western Star is among the network of more than 300 Western Star dealers across North America, where customers can find genuine parts and award-winning service.

“Our dealers are always helpful with service and parts, and are willing to provide us with whatever we may need,” said Joyce. “Across the board, everyone at Sleeman Breweries is proud of our Western Star trucks and we are confident they will continue to help us get the job done.”

Now if anyone from Sleeman is reading this, Tachoblog will happily test any of their products for them!