Welcome To My Cab – no, not View From The Cab – is a series of videos that Volvo Trucks has created.  They show off some of the more unusual Volvo Trucks that travel the world’s roads.

In this fourth Welcome To My Cab we visit Polish truck driver Lucian Igras and his ‘Black Pearl’.

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If you’ve missed the first three videos we’ll give you the links in a minute.  But first let’s find out more about the Black Pearl.

While watching ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, Lucian was inspired to decorate his Volvo FH12-460 with images and themes from the film. Now when he drives, he feels like a captain of his own personal ship.

Now click below for this Welcome To My Cab video and links to the other three…

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”My goal is to deliver the cargo,” Lucian jokes, while pointing to the treasure map printed on the truck’s upholstery. ”I think that the ideas that were born in my crazy head, reflect what has been gathered here.”

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Initially residents in Lucian’s home town didn’t know how to react to his creation, but when the ‘Black Pearl’ started attracted publicity from far and wide, there was soon growing pride in the town’s new icon. Now that the ‘Black Pearl’ has been chosen to feature in the latest episode of ‘Welcome To My Cab’, Lucian is delighted.

“I’m really glad that I’ve been chosen, and I’m happy to be presented among other drivers who drive Volvo.”

And here’s B;ack Pearl’s Welcome To My Cab video.

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