Volvo’s Welcome to My Cab – a bit like View From The Cab only it features the trucks – has now reached its fifth truck.  And we’re off to Italy.

Untouchable 4 427x284

If you’ve missed the other Welcome to My Cab videos we’ll give you some links at the end of this post.

In the latest episode, we visit Italian truck driver Paolo Villa and the Untouchable.

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“I’m passionate about trucks so we decided to create this work of art, as we loved The Untouchables and wanted to depict it on the truck,” says Paolo.

The result is an immaculately decorated tribute to Brian de Palma’s classic gangster flick, complete with famous scenes and the film’s star-studded cast including Robert De Niro, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner and Andy Garcia.

However apart from being a homage to Paolo’s favourite film, the Untouchable also includes some personal touches.

A tribute to his father, who passed away while the truck was being decorated, and a memento of the day he was engaged to his wife, has also been worked into the elaborate artwork.

Untouchable 21

It has been ten years since Paolo decided to decorate his Volvo FH12 and name it ‘L’Intoccabile’, and now his creation stars in a film of its own.

And here it is:

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