Volvo has released the third video in its Welcome To My Cab series and you can see it right here on Tachoblog.

Pic1 My Cab Ekdahl 427x284

As you can see from the picture, the latest Welcome To My Cab video features a stunning 24-metre rig based on a Volvo FH16 700.

Ralf Ekdahl from Sweden is the proud owner of this award-winning Road Cruiser.

Now click below for the third Welcome To My Cab video…

Before we check out Ralf’s FH16 here’s a quick re-cap of the first two Welcome To My Cab videos.

The first truck featured was Dutch driver Dagmar Klink’s distinctive Volvo FH, known as the ‘Pink Lady.

Pink Lady in021 427x240

The second Welcome To My Cab was all about Wayne Connelly from England and his truck ‘The Terminator’.

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Now that we’re all up to date, let’s learn a bit more about Ralf Ekdahl and his Road Cruiser.

Ralf Ekdahl started driving for his parents’ haulage firm 20 years ago when the company had a fleet of eight trucks.

Today he is company president and the haulage firm, Ekdahls Åkeri, has grown to more than 200 trucks.

When Ralf is not busy managing the company, he enjoys attending exhibitions with his Road Cruiser, a custom-designed Volvo FH16 700 in which every detail has been meticulously thought out.

Pic2 My Cab Ekdahl 427x284

He told Tachoblog, “Finding the right level’s been really difficult, striking that ideal balance. There’s so much one can do, it has to be attractive and feel right. I don’t like having too much bling – I like it stylistically pure.”

Recently, Ralf and Road Cruiser visited the UK’s Truckfest in Peterborough.

“We won the award for the best overseas truck.

Pic5 My Cab Ekdahl 427x284

“The Brits were awestruck, we had a constant stream of people visiting and photographing the truck and wanting to take a look inside the cab. They’d never before seen such a long rig (24 metres), he says.

So let’s have a proper look at Ralf’s beautiful truck in this latest Welcome To My Cab.