Truck drivers now have a new online community thanks to Volvo’s new Worldtrucker networking site which officially launched today in the UK.

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And the new site isn’t just for Volvo drivers either, Worldtrucker is open to any driver of any truck, anywhere in the world and enables them to communicate, make friends and discuss hot topics in their home country or even worldwide.

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According to the company, with the launch of the site you’ve finally run out of excuses for spending evenings in the cab staring at re-runs of programmes on the television. With the UK launch of Worldtrucker, truck drivers can communicate like never before and it will make the days of CB radio look like a pair of rusty baked bean tins and an old length of string.

As you assemble your profile you can create your own personal online garage of the trucks you have driven or the rig you run today and upload all the photos you want. Add the type of driving job you do, who you drive for and maybe join groups of drivers with the same skills here in the UK and abroad.

Volvo describe the site as having ‘a local feel but with a worldwide reach’, as truckers themselves will create the content and they will stay firmly behind the wheel as it develops.

It is hoped that the Worldtrucker forum pages will grow into a powerful library of information that really matters to truckers. After all, it will be truckers who are asking the questions! The possible topics are endless. Different trucks running in other countries, the law relating to trucks, pay and conditions, jobs and we all like browsing photos of trucks around the globe or the classic commercial vehicles of yesteryear.

You can find the new site at:

Just click on ‘Take The Tour’ and look through the ‘Quick Guide’ to see what the site holds or why not follow it on Twitter (Tachoblog is!): @worldtruckeruk

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