Meet the Volts Wagon.  The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s battery powered commercial vehicle from 1967.

Volts Wagon 2 427x283

Thanks to Hemmings, Tachoblog can tell you more about this experimental electric-powered truck made by Battronic Truck Corp., Boyertown, Pennsylvania.

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The vehicle was being used for departmental deliveries during a study of its potential as a smog-free vehicle.

Industrial-type conventional lead-acid batteries operate the truck for about 40-60 miles at 25 m.p.h.

A complete recharge takes 12 hours. City Hall is in smog-shrouded background.

Volts Wagon 1 400x320
Now Tachoblog really likes these pictures.  Epecially the first in which you can apparently see LA City Hall in the smog-shrouded background.

Both of these shots and many more can be seen in the UCLA Digital Library of Los Angeles Times’ Photographs from the 1920s to 1990.