We’ve got a lot of Views for this week’s View From The Cab, so let’s get started.

Dakrstaff sent in a couple last week that we missed, so we start his selection with those.  This was his View when he was parked at the Little America truck stop in Flagstaff, Arizona…

darkstaff 1

Click below for the rest this week’s Views…

…And this was at the T/A in Albuquerque, New Mexico…

darkstaff 2

…Now onto the Views he sent this week.  This Albequerque again, but as seen from the Flying J…

darkstaff 3

…Then onto Fort Worth in Texas on I-30…

darkstaff 4

…And in Nashville,Tennessee on I-40 as he was ‘Heading home!’…

darkstaff 5

Finally from Darkstaff for this week what he says ‘should be VFTJ (View From The Jeep) – Home in Virginia on I-64′.

darkstaff 6

We welcome TexasTrucker to the Tachoblog Tribe and he says ‘Wow.  Freight is really slow in Virginia.  Still sitting after delivery last night’…

texastrucker 1

…His comment for this View sums it up in one word ‘Wet!’…

texastrucker 2

…He didn’t send any comment with this one, if you can let us know where it is TexasTrucker, we’ll be happy to edit this.

texastrucker 3

Namanav has changed his name to WiggleWaggons and sent us this View of North Carolina with ‘morning in the horizon’…


…He’s then climbing Fancy Gap Mountain in Virginia’…


…and finishes with this View of the ‘gold dome atop the West Virginia state capital building in Charleston’.


Over in New Zealand Vic H sent us a selection of Views and says ‘The first 2 photos were taken in the Manawatu Gorge, in the lower North Island. It’s a narrow winding road along the south side of the gorge and the railway line goes along the north side’….

vic h 11

…’In heavy rain there are often rock falls over both the road and railway line, causing them to be closed for a while’….

vic h 22

…’A number of people who have seen VFTC have emailed me to ask “All the NZ roads seem to be narrow and winding, are there any straight roads at all in that country of yours!”  Well, there are a couple! One is this one in the North Island, at the western end of the Awakino Gorge. It is one mile long and known by older truckies as Ladies Mile. After a few hundred miles of corners it is quite relaxing to be able to sit back and go in a straight line for about 1 minute and 9 seconds. There is also one straight road in the South Island, near Christchurch, which is slightly longer; I’ll post a photo some time when I’m down there’.

vic h 32

In Germany, Rainerri1967 was driving at night in Oberndorf and ’50km from home’.


Back in America, Amishtrucker was on Highway 59 Victoria, Texas…


…Where he then sees Highway 185.


TruckerDesiree and Karma the Wonderdog were sitting in a truck stop in North Georgia.

truckerdesiree 11

And finally for this week we catch up with Heydriver and Goldie who could see ‘one of several Lookout hills around Culpeper, Virginia’…

heydriver 13

…And then it was ‘clean and white along Route 23 near Blue Ball,  Pennsylvania.

heydriver 22

And that’s all for this week.

Tachoblog’s thanks to all the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views.  Don’t forget you can join in too.  Just send a View (or two, or three) to Tachoblog, either by email to vftc@tachoblog.com or tweet us with #VFTC.