Truck stops are vital rest areas for truck drivers and help ensure safety for all road users. Drivers need to take regular rests knowing that they are safe and their vehicle and loads are secure.

iphone cascade truckstop

Over in America, Drivers have been able to find Truck Stops – and loads of other useful information – thanks to the excellent Trucker iPhone application by Allen from AskTheTrucker for a while, but until now UK drivers have had nothing remotely close.

However, that has now changed thanks to Websetters Limited launching Truck Stop England, the first mobile guide of English truck stops for Apple’s popular iPhone.

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Using the mapping and GPS features of the iPhone, Truck Stop England helps freight transport operators and drivers plan their journeys, rest and park safe.

All the truck stops included provide facilities specifically for truck drivers and are recognised by local authorities as rest areas for heavy goods vehicles. More will be included as their details become available.

Open up Truck Stop England and the driver is able to display on the integrated map all the authorised truck stops in England, detailing opening times, parking costs and one touch dialling to call the chosen location to make advanced bookings or just to check availability of space or services. Details on the availability of services such as accommodation, lorry wash facilities, cctv and security fences and more are also available to allow the driver to determine that the services required are available before they arrive, saving time and fuel.

Truck Stop England is part of the Traffic Media UK series of solutions and contains details on nearly 100 officially recognised truck stops with over 7,600 parking spaces.