In common with many countries UK Truck Drivers must take designated rest periods.  Thanks to a lack of decent service areas their options can be restricted.

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Haulage Heroes has had enough and has launched an e-petition to get secure, adequate and affordable service areas for truck drivers throughout the UK.

How bad is the problem?  This is what one driver said about a service area that we won’t name:

‘Went into XXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXX for a shower last week. Had one look at the shower & walked out bloody disgusting! Looked like someone had been dipping sheep in there, it would have been cleaner to have wash in the puddles outside!’

Now click below for more on the service area petition…

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The e-petition says that we ‘would like the Government Highways Agency to provide designated service facilities throughout the UK for truck drivers.

‘They need to have designated rest periods, the small amount of service facilities in place at the moment throughout the UK, restrict where a driver can safely and securely park.

‘More service facilities should be made available, at an affordable price and subsidised by the government, to allow drivers to rest adequately and then continue with their work.

‘Truck drivers are the backbone of this country and deserve to be treated with a certain level of respect.

‘The Highways agency should provide more service areas than they currently provide, and secure parking for trucks, and also provide them throughout the UK’

Tachoblog would ask you to use any of the e-petition links in this post and sign up.