If you hold a UK Operator Licence There are changes coming in from 4 December 2011, TruckUK‘s Steve Williams – the oracle of all things compliance –has the details.

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Steve says, “I have decided to circulate this information as I believe some operators may be concerned that they are being targeted. They are not.”

“From 27th September 2011 onwards operators should have been receiving a letter through the post from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner via the Central Licensing Unit (CLU) at Leeds, regarding the changes that come into force regarding the operator licence system from 4th December 2011.

“Operators’ and nominated Transport Managers of standard national and standard international goods vehicle operations are being asked to confirm that their details are up to date and CLU are gathering additional information to comply with the new regulations.

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“A new national register is being created in the UK which will be connected electronically to those being established in other EU members states. The intention being that there will be an improvement in the flow of information regarding operators and transport managers across Europe and thereby improve compliance and hopefully commercial parity.

“There should be a six page guide enclosed with the letter and questionnaire and I strongly advise that you read that first, before completing the questionnaire.  The deadline for a response to be submitted is Monday 17th October 2011, so sit down and go through the guidelines and make sure your response is going to be what is required.  If you have any queries or you’re not sure of what to answer there is a contact centre number of 0300 1239000 for advice and clients of Truck UK are welcome to ring me at any time on 07872 377016 to discuss this matter.

“As the information will eventually appear in the new national register of road transport undertakings mentioned it’s vital to everyone that the information given is accurate, or you may find that you are unnecessarily checked again at a later date.

“It’s especially important that this correspondence from the Office of The Traffic Commissioner is read and responded to and NOT PUT IN THE BIN!!

“Any operator who is using ‘Grandfather rights’ needs to renew this right by responding and a new ‘acquired rights’ certificate will be issued by the Department for Transport (DfT) within six months of the submission of the completed questionnaire. This ‘acquired rights’ certificate will be issued to all transport managers with grandfather rights that are currently listed on an operators licence, as long as they return a completed questionnaire.

“Everyone who was accepted as eligible for grandfather rights was issued with a certificate that had an individual identity number on it. However, if anyone has difficulty in tracing their certificate this should not put them off responding by 17th October 2011.  All they need to do is enter ‘not known’ in that section of the questionnaire – Section 4 – and there will still be the opportunity to gain an ‘acquired rights’ certificate.  However, it’s important that holders of grandfather rights can provide proof if asked that they have been active and have been involved ‘continuously’ managing an operation in the role of nominated Transport Manager for a period of ten years, ending on 4th December 2009.

“If you can’t provide verifiable evidence by 17th October 2011 all is not yet lost, so still apply. DfT will provide more information regarding this area of the regulations shortly and we will bring it to the attention of all clients as soon as it’s available.

“What is important to remember is that when someone submits a completed questionnaire they are making a signed declaration that they are confirming their legal right and status as a transport manager. Just as when the operator licence obligations are signed for this declaration is legally binding and making a false declaration could result in a prosecution and/or action being taken by the Traffic Commissioner against operations involved.”

Tachoblog wants to thank Steve for sending us this information and for letting us post it.