Did you know that a heavy tyre explosion has the same force as being hit by a 12 tonne truck?

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Tachoblog didn’t until we saw the dramatic video footage released by UK tyre specialist ATS Euromaster which shows the catastrophic effects of inflating a truck tyre which has previously suffered run-flat damage.

The recording – which you can see below – forms part of a comprehensive training DVD produced in-house and being shown to ATS Euromaster’s 2,300-strong operations team.

Now click below to see the tyre explosion video…

[youtube 294Wu6O0uW0]

This tyre explosion video forms part of the company’s new ‘Safe by Choice’ initiative and reinforces the safe methods of operation which must be followed with all truck, earthmover and agricultural tyres.  The footage also serves as a timely reminder of why tyres should always be serviced by professional tyre technicians.

Richard Byrne, Group Head of Health, Safety & Technical Services at ATS Euromaster, told Tachoblog, “If a tyre contains insufficient air to carry its load, run-flat damage can be caused to its internal structure, rendering the tyre no longer serviceable.

“It must never be repaired or inflated, as the structure could fail and cause an explosion.

“When this happens the compressed air – as much as 130psi in a standard 295/80 R 22.5 – surges into the surrounding area at violent speed and with a force equivalent to 12 tonnes.  If you are standing in the way it’s like being hit by a truck.”

The complete training DVD teaches technicians how to recognise the four basic stages of run-flat damage – crucial to anyone who may inflate a heavy tyre – and is designed to ensure a tyre which has suffered run-flat damage is never re-inflated and put back into service.

It also outlines the permissible inflation methods which ATS Euromaster technicians follow when inflating heavy tyres, including standing at least 3m away from the tyre in line with the tread.

“It is crucial that technicians do not stand immediately in front of the tyre’s sidewalls during inflation – or let anyone enter this area.  It can literally make the difference between life and death.”

Chris Hufflett, Group Operations Director, explained to Tachoblog, “We recognise the importance of fleets choosing service providers with whom they have complete confidence.

“It’s why we pride ourselves on being experts in all aspects of what we do – including safe working.  These days it’s not just about getting the job done; it’s about doing so with an absolute commitment to safety at every step.

“As a company we are gearing up to take safety to the next level, and our new Safe by Choice programme will be fundamental to achieving this,” he adds.