Long time (in fact one of the first) Tachoblog Tribe Member TruckerDesiree has been on television.

In an episode of the program ‘Dan Rather Reports’ (now you understand the dreadful pun in this post’s title!) for the HDNet channel, TruckerDesiree talks about the inadequate Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) schools and the exploiting of new CDL drivers and trainees.  So you don’t have to dig around to find it, you can watch the whole thing here on Tachoblog.

Readers outside America may not realise quite what a big deal this is.  Dan Rather was anchor of the CBS Evening News for 24 years, from March 9, 1981, to March 9, 2005 – the longest anyone has ever held this post for – and also contributed to the channels famous ’60 Minutes’ program.  In his time, he covered such famous events as U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination and Watergate.