We’ve posted on the great work that Trucking Santas do before.  But with only a few days left they really could do with some extra help.


Christmas Truck1 427x2841

The idea is simple.  Trucking Santas is a group that adopts less fortunate families.

The members of the family get new bedding, four outfits, new shoes, and the kids get toys.

The ones who need it also receive pots & pans, dishes, towels etc.

Nothing is worse than getting nothing on the holidays, especially for a child. It also hurts the child to open gifts but realize mom or dad have nothing, therefore we give the parents necessities.

Now we know that Trucking Santas is a USA based project BUT if you read Tachoblog then you have a trucking connection and can help…

They already have supporters here in the UK and in Australia but with just a few days left can you help too?

Each family supported has a wish list of gifts.  You can find them on the Trucking Santas Families Page.

Just by buying one thing from one list you will be helping.

If you’re from outside America and are kind enough to buy something from one of the wishlists you’ll be asked for a Zipcode.  If you don’t know one then use 21704.

If we all buy just one item then Trucking Santas 2011 will be a success.

“This is not only a way to give back, but also a way to show the public we aren’t the monsters they’re told we are. You don’t have to drive to participate. Truckers and their supporters are all welcome” – Heather Pontruff, Trucking Santas.

And your help will be appreciated:

“A mother called yesterday, she was in tears. The bedding set bought for her boy by The Chrome Shop was one she’d wanted to get him for so long, and couldn’t afford to. Amazing what a little thing like a comforter can do for people!” – Heather Pontruff.

“I would like to say thank you again to all of you wonderful people. Thanks to you I will be wrapping presents for hours. You all are great. My children will have a great Christmas after all.” – Karla Smith

So please have a look at the Trucking Santas Families Page and see if you can help.

Thank you.