If you’d been in a helicoptor flying over Truckfest Peterborough 2010 a couple of weeks ago, you’d probably have seen something like this.

8.Trucks  740x295

Now Tachoblog must admit that whilst we knew Truckfest was big, we had no idea that it was that big.  Anyway, nice shot that it is, what you really want to see is the action from the ground and, thanks to Mercedes-Benz UK, with Tachoblog you can.  So here’s a couple of Mercedes trucks – note the chrome ‘wrap’ on the second one.

1.Trucks  740x295

Better than that, you can see some footage from the show if you click below…

Tachoblog’s thanks to Mercedes-Benz UK for sending us the pictures and video, if you want to see more of their shots from the show, then you’d better go here:


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