Over on the excellent Biglorryblog, they posted this incredible video of a Russian Ural Truck.

Now we don’t normally repeat what BLB has posted, but we just had to show you the clip.

See what we mean, incredible.

But not unique, oh no! So click below for some more Ural action…

Here we have a Ural in action in Siberia.

And more wood being transported through a small river in this clip from the Carpathian mountains in the Ukraine.  Once again it’s a Ural, this one is  6×6 Ural-4320.

Finally, two more Ural videos.  These ones showing them in deep water.

Now Tachoblog is a well known Unimog fan and we’ve seen those doing all kinds of thing.  But maybe with the Ural they may have met their match.