Somehow – and Tachoblog’s apologies to Jerry B – we’ve managed to sit on this picture quiz for weeks.  But no longer…

Jerry B Quiz Pic 427x320

And the question for this picture quiz?

What Jerry B wants to know is ‘what make is this and what function does it perform [that's the truck on the trailer]? And while you are at it, what make is the blue and white Civicon tractor?’

If you want the answer to this picture quiz then you’ll have to click below…

According to Jerry, the answers are, ‘It’s a Peterbilt wireline truck for oil exploration – not sure which model. The truck obviously Chinese – Sinotruck?’.

Now if you thought that was easy – and if you didn’t! – then have a look at ‘A Friday Puzzle From Jerry B…And Tachoblog!‘ and see if you can answer that too!