Well Tachoblog’s made it back from Sweden.  More on that to follow but first, some truck advertising…

You may have seen this ad, or one like it before.

truck ad1

Click below for more…

Here’s another…

truck ad2

Very similar aren’t they.  The more we look, the more Tachoblog thinks that they’re not real, just photoshopped images created by person or persons with imagination and too much time on their hands – if anyone knows different then please let us know.

So, when Tachoblog was told about a ‘great Fedex truck ad that shows UPS trucks being carried by the Fedex one’, we were more than a little sceptical and expected a variation of the those above.  Somewhat to our surprise, what we actually saw was this.

truck ad3

It’s certainly not a tired rework, but is it real, or a photoshop edit again?  If you know then please let us do too!