merc 1902 char a bang

‘I say chaps, this is a rather cracking char-a-bang what what’ says Tachoblog.  Well, obviously, we don’t.  But it does let us neatly slip into Mercedes’ archive.   Justy before we do – and in case you were wondering, this is a 1902 24-passenger bus.

benz 1900 delivery vehicle

Now this is a (bit) more like normal Tachoblog fodder.  But what is it, well you’ll have to click below to find out – and you’ll see a few more interesting pictures too…

Well that was ‘Maison Parisienne de Voitures Automobiles’, a Benz 6 hp delivery vehicle, built from 1898 to 1900, as advertising medium for an early dealership.

How things have changed!  Instead of vending machine coffee, imagine being offered this little selection by your truck dealer when you visit.

mercedes unter den linden breakfast menu 1922

And that’s only the 1922 breakfast menu from the Mercedes-Palast in Berlin.  This was the sales and service outlet on the splendid boulevard Unter den Linden which also housed a top-class restaurant!

Finally, and a little bit more modern,what about this Mercedes-Benz L 312 truck (built from 1953 to 1961) at a filling station in Surabaya, Indonesia demonstrating that the brand produced ‘commercial vehicles for the whole world’.

mercedes benz l 312