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Vehicle tracking is rapidly becoming an intrinsic part of many companies’ daily operations and companies that have these devices installed in their fleet will know exactly where you are and at what time. But there are benefits of vehicle tracking, both for companies and their drivers!

So, click below to see the top ten…

1    Total Fleet Visibility
Most of the vehicle tracking software allows your manager to see where all the vehicles in the company fleet are at all times, and can therefore see you. This may cause you some inconvenience, especially if you have decided to take a nap during working hours, as your office will know that you are not on the move. Also, you can no longer go for a pint as the vehicle tracking system is able to pinpoint your vehicle’s location to a pub.

2    Improved Efficiency and Productivity
Most companies have a considerable focus on efficiency and productivity. Vehicle tracking is designed with this in mind and could be unfortunate, especially if you like to take your time. Also, you are no longer able to only volunteer for the easy jobs as vehicle tracking will provide information about which vehicle is the closest to the next job on the list. You may have to start biting the bullet more often and take the less desirable jobs in order to contribute to a higher company efficiency and productivity. Nevertheless, in times of a financial crisis it is important that your company does well because you are less likely to be made redundant.

3    Reduction of Running Costs
Vehicle tracking makes it more difficult to use company fuel for all your private errands because vehicle tracking software will be able to notify your manager about where you are and at what time. Also, you can no longer take the scenic route to your next job as the journey planner function ensures that you take the shortest route and don’t waste fuel.

4    Improved Customer Service
Part of the fun of delivering services to people is letting your customers know that you will arrive at a given location some time in a rather large time gap, for example between 8am and 8pm, ensuring that someone has to stay put until you arrive. However, since vehicle tracking can pinpoint your location, your customers can be notified of a more specific arrival time and therefore making your customers much happier. Additionally, your customers are more likely to greet you with a smile rather than a less favourable facial expression.

5    Helping the Environment
Everybody is talking about “global warming” and “carbon footprints”. Vehicle tracking systems can give you a guilty conscience by letting you know just how much your vehicle pollutes. But, on the bright side, such systems can help you plan your routes better and notify you if your driving behaviour burns more fuel than necessary. Armed with this information you can reduce your carbon footprint and therefore allow you to feel much better knowing that you do your part for the environment. And life on our planet will continue to flourish for at least a little while longer.

6    Improved Control of Workforce
Vehicle tracking software allows your company to improve its control over the workforce, so you’re less likely to be able to visit friends during working hours. The software does not only manage information about the location of the vehicles in the fleet but also allows your company to keep track of maintenance tasks such as MOT, insurance, and other servicing requirements.

7    Heightened Security
Vehicle tracking can provide you with an extra sense of security as your company will know where you are. However, you will no longer be able to exceed speeding limits in order to make it home just that much quicker as the system will notify your employer that you’re driving too fast. So dinner will have to wait for a few more minutes. On the other hand, keeping the speed limits will contribute to fewer road accidents and could save you a visit to the hospital. Also, if you happen to be at a less secure location, you can rest assured that someone will rush to your aid a lot faster thanks to the tracking device.

8    Accurate Timesheets
Now you can’t even claim excessive overtime, and you can no longer have a 3 hour lunch break. Vehicle tracking hardware distributes accurate information about engine ignition start and stop time and how long you idle. However, you can also provide your employer with evidence of having finished a job so you know that you won’t be paid too little.

9    Comprehensive Reports
Vehicle tracking solutions can provide your employer with comprehensive reports on whatever he or she may wish, which could mean bad news for you if you do not operate at your full efficiency.

10    Compliance with Legislation
Working too many hours may not necessarily be an issue, but vehicle tracking can keep track of how many working hours every driver has clocked every week. This also means that you can tell your company if you work more hours than the recommended amount, allowing you to spend more of your time outside of work.