Normally you won’t find Taxis on Tachoblog – a bit like our local town centre on a Friday or Saturday night but we digress – but as this involves the two largest companies in the ground transportation business in the London and New York markets we thought we’d bend the rules for once.

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Addison Lee who manage over 10,000 accounts with over 2,500 vehicles in London and ETG who provides services to 8,000 accounts with over 1,800 vehicles in New York have formed a strategic partnership.  Combined the two companies transport well over 12 million passengers a year and have both been growing even in these tough economic times.

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Both firms have grown to be market leaders by offering consistently reliable service at reasonable prices.

“More and more of our customers are asking for global solutions that encompass service, ease of use and a consistent experience.  This partnership provides customers with those benefits as well as the ability to provide rapid response times and great breadth of service.” John l. Acierno, President and CEO of Executive Transportation Group told Tachoblog

Speaking to Tachoblog, Liam Griffin, Managing Director at Addison Lee said, “As Addison Lee continues to grow, our corporate customers are increasingly looking to us for international travel solutions.

“By leveraging the strengths of the two partners we are better able to provide an cohesive offering that includes multiple levels of service, IT integration and obviously the market leading reliability that both of our companies have built our reputations on.”

The partners count numerous Fortune 500 firms in their portfolios and they have worked with a number of Fortune 100 firms to coordinate common needs.

Both companies expect that increased IT integration and cross adoption of “best in class” policies will continue to benefit their customers.

And while the initial focus is on the London/New York metro markets, both companies have significant worldwide ground transportation networks that are utilized by their customers. “One of our near term goals is integration of these components of the partnership,” said Mr. Griffin.. “So we are better managing our customers’ itineraries and continuing to be the service provider of choice.”

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