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Bored of your PC’s current wallpaper?  Then why not use one of these from the Tachoblog Tribe…

Below you can see a small version of all our Wallpapers.  Click on any one and it will open ‘full size’ in another window from where you can save it to your PC.

First off we have these from Heydriver and Goldie.

This is ‘The Catskill Mountains over Goldie’ from Catskill in New York.

Heydriver Goldie Catskill

This is Goldie in a shot that Heydriver calls ‘Centreline’.

Heydriver Goldie Centreline

A Gilded Goldie

Heydriver A Gilded Goldie

This one is from Tachoblog, a Volvo FH16-660 in a Swedish quarry.

Tachoblog FH16 6602

The following are all from Paul Heneachon.

I Craig’s Logging Scania.

Heneachon Craig Logger

Six Volvo FH-440′s owned by The Malcolm Group.

Heneachon Malcolms Line Up

From Jerry B and Paul Cockerill we have this shot taken on the road from Kampala to Wau in Uganda.  The thumbnail does not do this shot justice, click on it to see it in full.

JerryB Pickup Storm

Vic H has provided this one of two Internationals and a Mack owned by Fluidex.

Vic H Fluidex

One Girl Trucking took this beautiful black & white of the sky in Nebraska or Kansas and her truck ‘Rosie’.

If you’ve got a wallpaper that you’d like to share, then please email them to wallpaper@tachoblog.com

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  1. [...] Returning to  the USA, we say hello to One Girl Trucking, the newest member of the Tachoblog Tribe.  She sent us this beautiful View of Rosie (her truck) and the sky somewhere in Nebraska or Kansas – if you like this View as much as Tachoblog does, you’ll be glad to know that it’s available, full size  on our Wallpaper Page… [...]

    by Tachoblog » Archives » Tachoblog’s View From The Cab – 9.7.10 on Jul 9, 2010 at 16:34

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