Welcome to this week’s View From The Cab, Tachoblog’s window on the world all thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe.

If you’ve not seen one of our weekly View From The Cab posts before, then you may be wondering what it’s all about.

Well, the answers simple…from across the globe, the Tachoblog Tribe send in a picture (or two, or three) of what they can see through their windscreen.

Tachoblog takes everything we’ve been sent and once a week compiles them into a post we call View From The Cab.

So now you know!

And if you’d like to join the Tachoblog Tribe and VFTC, you’re more than welcome.

All you have to do is email your Views to vftc@tachoblog.com or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog, or post them on Tachoblog’s Facebook Wall.   Please remember include a line or two of text that says, if nothing else, where the picture (or video!) was taken.

Now that we’re all ready, let’s get started.  We begin with LakewoodLoon who was ‘snug to the water’s edge at Silver Creek, New York.  Waiting to backup into unloading area’…

LakewoodLoon Silver Creek New York 1 427x320

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…He says that ‘the red truck has to finsih getting loaded before I can backup to the connection and unload my fructose’.

LakewoodLoon Silver Creek New York2  427x320

To Sweden now where we find bergmanman ‘heading for Fors Papermill’…

Bergmanman 1 427x254

…Where he docks ‘the trailer for unloading’…

Bergmanman Fors Papermill 2 427x254

…After unloading he has ‘some Dutch idiot blocking me.  As soon as I try to go round him he accelerates to 60mph’…

Bergmanman 3 427x255

…Lastly he sees this ‘poor driver.  The trailer, loaded with lumber, burned down on the highway’.

Bergmanman 4 427x304

It’s a welcome retrun to VFTC from TruckerDesiree.  A little different, she sent us this video clip of a ‘bus ride on Mexican Tollway North from Ensenada to Tijuana’.  Just click on the image below and the video will open in a new window.

We’re delighted to report that Heydriver’s back in action again and has been reunited with Goldie too.  He sent us this View of an ‘old Ford Paramedic.  The picture really doesn’t do justice to this truck.

‘The contrast of the chrome on black paint gives me a nostalgic feeling.

Heydriver Old Ford Paramedic 427x254

‘Caught this one at the Yard after loading out Goldie on Tuesday.

‘Oh, btw…I’m back!

‘Thanks so much to all.

‘Oh, the cab from which I took this picture is my 2006 Dodge Dakota 4 door Pickup’.

In New Zealand Vic H was ‘getting very busy with the grape harvest in full swing, so this meant 2 return trips from Auckland to Waipara, near Christchurch, collecting grape juice. I managed to get a few photos along the way, firstly going along the Desert Rd on the way down south’…

Vic H Desert Road NZ 1 427x314

…’Then I just managed to snap this old Mercedes 2328 water tanker crossing the twin Bailey bridges, near Seddon in the top half of the South Island. The new road which goes underneath the bridges is almost finished and as I was on the way back one of the bridges had already been removed’…

Vic H Mercedes 2328 Seddon NZ 2 427x320

…’A bit further south there was proof that winter is on the way with a lot more snow on the Southern Alps’…

Vic H Southern Alps NZ 3 427x320

…’Then on the way back home on the Desert Rd again, more proof still with Mt Ruapehu covered with fresh snow’…

Vic H Mt Ruapehu 4 427x320

…’As was Mt Ngauruhoe; remember the photo in last week’s Views which showed it completely bare. What a difference a week makes!’

Vic H Mt Ngauruhoe 5 427x320

Incidentally, not knowing the distance between Auckland and Waipara, Tachoblog asked Vic.  He replied, ‘Auckland to Waipara is roughly 1000km, so that makes about 4000km for the week. We are allowed 70 hrs and I did this in 69 (plus 12 hrs of ferry crossings, which don’t count in the total), so just legal. That 69 hrs includes loading and unloading time, so it’s not all driving’.

Finally for this week we join Amishtrucker ‘on I10 in West Texas from a parking area watching a couple of ‘skateboards’ zoom by. One of many rock cuts on 10 in West Texas’.

Amishtrucker West Texas 1 427x320

Tachoblog’s thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe for their Views.  We’ll see you all again next week.