Better late than never it’s time for our weekly look through the windscreens of the Tachoblog Tribe that is View From The Cab.

Apologies again to all of you that have been waiting all weekend for your regular dose of View From The Cab, but the mice that power some of Tachoblog’s equipment decided that they’d take the day off last Friday.

We’ve fed and watered them now, so normal service has been resumed.

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Right then, let’s get on with View From The Cab…

We start in Germany this week and join TJ who, in the early morning was ‘on the A3 headed into Frankfurt’ [we return to Frankfurt a little later in View From The Cab]…

TJ A3 to Frankfurt 1 427x320

…She thinks that her ‘hubby can’t seem to slow down on the autobahn! Here’s a flash of the tires’.

TJ A3 to Frankfurt 2 427x320

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In West Houston, Texas Amishtrucker was ‘at the intersection of Eldridge and Westheimer.  It is a beautiful part of the city with landscaped streets and lots of trees’.

Amishtrucker West Houston Texas 1 427x320

Back to Germany and Frankfurt – Tachoblog assume it’s the same Frankfurt (there are two you know – one on the Main and one on the Oder) – where Rainerri1967  was at the airport…

Rainerri1967 Frankfurt Am Main Airport 1

…Later in the week he was travelling ‘from Döggingen, Blackforst. Fast loading in Neustadt Paper for Osnabrück, then Weekend!’.

Rainerri1967 214

Back to America now where we find LakewoodLoon in Marietta, Ohio having a ‘triple shot’ moment.  This is the ‘driver’s side mirror. Junk all around to miss when backing up’…

LakewoodLoon Marietta Ohio 1

…’Center shot, there’s the scale that I pull onto, and back off of’…

LakewoodLoon Marietta Ohio 2 427x320

…And finally the ‘passengers side view to wrap this up’.

LakewoodLoon Marietta Ohio 3

To New Zealand now where for Vic H Wednesday (1st June) ‘was the official first day of winter here in NZ and the weather man decided to make sure we remembered. This photo was taken on the way down to Napier, on the Napier-Taupo road where there was the first frost I have seen this year; I’m sure there will be lots more to come though’…

Vic H Napier Taupo Road Frost 1 427x320

…’The other 3 photos were taken’…

Vic H Titiokura 2 427x320

…’On the way home’…

Vic H Titiokura 3 427x320

…’While coming down the long Titiokura Hill’…

Vic H Titiokura 4 427x320

Once again we bounce to America and celebrate a welcome retrun to View From The Cab by One Girl Trucking.  Her first View is of ‘Highway 56 in Kansas – I took so many that day I forget where exactly!’…

OneGirlTrucking Kansas 1 427x256

…And this is ‘Highway 60 in New Mexico just west of Mountainair’.

OneGirlTrucking New Mexico 2 427x256

Darkstaff was ‘rolling through a Mississippi morning graced with a beautiful sunrise!’…

Darkstaff Mississippi 1 320x320

…He also sent this View of ‘pre-Dawn in Tennessee’.

Darkstaff Tennessee 2 320x320

Finally for this week we journey to the United Kingdom and find Niall Yeldham looking ‘up a wind turbine blade in North Wales’…

Niall Yeldham Wind Turbine North Wales 1 427x320

…This is ‘the Angel Of The North, Tyneside, England’…

Niall Yeldham Angel Of North Tyneside 2 427x320

…And his final View is of the loading of ‘Airbus tails onto the “Beluga” in Hawarden, North Wales’.

Niall Yeldham Airbus Beluga Hawarden 3 427x320

That’s all for this week’s View From The Cab.

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