View From The Cab Logo8 427x62This week’s View From The Cab (our regular look through the Tachoblog Tribe’s windscreens) has a lot of bridges in it as, purely coincidentally, several of the Tribe have sent Tachoblog Views that contain bridges.

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Now let’s start View From The Cab by heading somewhere where it certainly isn’t Summery.  In New Zealand Vic H ‘had to go down to Waipara on the east coast of the South Island on Monday and there was a bit of snow and ice around as you can see. It was early morning and the snow had turned to ice so the road was pretty slippery’…

Vic H Waipara 1 427x320

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…While Vic ‘was loading at the winery it began snowing quite hard’…

Vic H Waipara 2 427x320

…’And the tanker was well covered with snow by the time I had finished’…

Vic H Waipara 3 427x320

…’I drove back out of the driveway and found the road north was closed because of snow and ice, a lot of it is very hilly and there would have been no traction at all up or down the hills, so I settled down to wait for a couple of hours until the snow ploughs and grit trucks had made it passable again’…

Vic H Waipara 4 427x320

…’Back in the central North Island it had been snowing as well, but by the time I got there the road was quite clear although there was still enough snow around to make things look interesting.

Vic H North Island 5 427x320

View From The Cab Logo8 427x62In America where it’s certainly not snowing, RandyNose says that ‘they’re building another platform for another tank.was in Springfield, Ohio’…

RandyNose Springfield Ohio 11 427x255

…And also that ‘this is what’s left of the Shenandoah Truck Stop. Lore City, Ohio’.

RandyNose Shenandoah Truck Stop Lore City Ohio 2 427x255

View From The Cab Logo8 427x62So, the first of our bridges then.  Last Saturday (30 July) Heydriver and Goldie were ‘on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge [in case you didn't know - Tachoblog didn't - the bridge connects Virginia's Eastern Shore with the Virginia mainland at Virginia Beach near Norfolk, Virginia]. Good morning from the DelMarVa Peninsula.  This is the best time to cross over the Bridge heading east. Lots of folks heading to the shore today.  It’s gonna be a burner for sure’.

Heydriver Chesapeake Bay Bridge 1 427x243

View From The Cab Logo8 427x62Darkstaff’s View From The Cab is of ‘an untouched sky over Tennessee along I-24 – Rankin Cove is the body of water’. [Another bridge!]

Darkstaff Rankin Cove Tennessee 1 427x318

View From The Cab Logo8 427x62In Canada Al_Goodhall was next to Lodge Lake, East of Ignace, Ontario where he’d ‘camped out last night, had run down hwy b4 start of day’.

Al Goodhall Lodge Lake Ignace Ontario 1 427x239

View From The Cab Logo8 427x62Back in the USA and AZVern had spotted a ‘sadly misleading sign’ on the Bush Highway near Fountain Hills, Arizona.

AZVern Bush Highway 1 427x320

View From The Cab Logo8 427x62To close View From The Cab we meet up with Amishtrucker who was ‘passing cotton harvesting equipment on Texas 359 near Tynan, Texas. That is a field of ripe cotton on the left, ready for harvesting’…

Amishtrucker Tynan Texas 1 427x320

…Another bridge, this time ‘an old railroad bridge over a Farm to Market road not far from Lake Somerville near Brenham, Texas. A little one lane bridge…don’t see many of these anymore but when I do they always catch my eye’…

Amishtrucker Brenham Texas 2 427x320

…Now he’s ‘running the South Padre Island Drive (SPID) in Corpus Christi, southbound. This road continues on down and crosses the bay to South Padre Island’…

Amishtrucker South Padre Island Drive Corpus Christi Texas 3 427x320

‘…And now I am crossing the bay on SPID to the Island on the causeway. The bridge [see, another one!] in the distance goes over the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, a barge and shipping waterway that allows large ships to come into ports along the coast’.

Amishtrucker South Padre Island Drive Texas 4 427x320

That’s all from View From The Cab for this week.  Tachoblog’s thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views.

If you’re a truck driver and would like to join in with View From The Cab then you are most welcome to.

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