We thought last week’s View From The Cab was good – and it was – but this week’s look through the Tachoblog Tribe’s windscreens might be even better!  Have a look and tell us what you think.

View From The Cab Logo37 427x62We’ve got loads of Views to get through in this week’s View From The Cab.  We’ll be going to several places in America as well as to Ireland, Australia and Wales.  And we’ll be welcoming a new member to the Tachoblog Tribe too.

So let’s get started.

We begin at the Flyin J in Tucumcari, New Mexico with DriverChrisMc.  He says, ‘not sure why but I always have to take a picture of that mountain. Every time’…

DriverChrisMc Tucumcari New Mexico 1 427x96

…’New Mexico mountains across from the pilot in Jamestown’…

DriverChrisMc Jamestown New Mexico 2 427x269

Now click below for more from DriverChrisMc and the rest of this week’s View From The Cab…

DriverChrisMc next View is ‘from the Petro in Shreveport, Louisiana’…

DriverChrisMc Shreveport Louisiana 3 427x320

…Finally he gives us two Views of ‘Wyoming clouds at sunset’.   First up is the original picture…

DriverChrisMc Wyoming 1 427x320

…And then the edited shot.

DriverChrisMc Wyoming 2 427x320

View From The Cab Logo37 427x62Now View From The Cab heads to South West Ireland as we catch up with Bigrig480.

‘Here’s a pic from the Castleisland / Boherbue road in the glorious sun’…

Bigrig480 Castleisland Boherbue road Ireland 1 238x320

…’This is the coastline near Ballybunion, Co.Kerry’…

Bigrig480 BallybunionCo.Kerry Ireland 2 238x320

…’An evening shot of two boats passing in the river Lee in Cork City’…

Bigrig480 Cork City Ireland 3 238x320

His last View From The Cab is ‘a sunset shot of the Observatory at the marina Cork City’.

Bigrig480 Cork City Ireland 4 238x320

View From The Cab Logo37 427x62Back to America now as we welcome KevinOfMI to the Tachoblog Tribe.   Here he is ‘on the Western Maryland Rail Trail near Hancock, Maryland. I stash my bike in the truck + stop there often’.

KevinOfMI Hancock Maryland 1 427x320

View From The Cab Logo37 427x62TwoCrowsDown was doing some ‘dirt track driving at night in the Pilbara, Western Australia’.

TwoCrowsDown Pilbara 1 240x320

View From The Cab Logo37 427x62


In Arizona AZVern could see an ‘oversize load negotiating turn from Arizona 85 North to Arizona 238, Gila Bend’…

AZVern Gila Bend Arizona 1 427x320

…Then a ‘random commercial vehicle inspection and scale, southbound AZ 85, approx. mile marker 130′…

AZVern Arizona 2 427x320

…Finally he sent this View of a ‘Crop duster, MM 110, eastbound I-8, Gila Bend’.

AZVern Gila Bend Arizona 3 427x320

View From The Cab Logo37 427x62Next on View From The Cab we join Jayceebigrig at ‘Flint Bridge again’…

Jayceebigrig Flint Bridge 1 427x318

…This one’s from Rhyl in Wales’…

Jayceebigrig Rhyl 2 427x318

…Here he is ‘coming out of Rhyl’…

Jayceebigrig Rhyl 3 427x318

…And his last View is of ‘Porthmadog Church’.

Jayceebigrig Porthmadog 4 427x318

View From The Cab Logo37 427x62Back over to America now where we catch up for the first time in a little while with Amishtrucker – who still needs a new windscreen! icon smile    He says that ‘it is wildflower season in Texas. Roadsides, medians and whole fields are covered with flowers such as the bluebonnet, Indian paintbrush and other flowers.

‘This was taken along Texas 111 near Yoakum, Texas and shows a herd of cattle grazing in a field filled with bluebonnets’…

Amishtrucker Yoakum Texas 1 427x320

…’FM 966 near Shiner, Texas. You can see some of the varieties of flowers blooming along the roadsides. These are just two spots. You can drive for hundreds of miles around southern and central Texas right now and see flowers everywhere’…

Amishtrucker Shiner Texas 2 427x320

…’I passed this wide load on Westheimer Road in west Houston yesterday. According to the signs on the truck, they haul cable and rigging for oilfields’.

Amishtrucker Houston Texas 3 427x320

View From The Cab Logo37 427x62Our last Views for this week are from Darkstaff who ‘watched this poor driver get pulled over by this ‘soccer mom’ with a badge’…

Darkstaff 116 427x320

…’Followed shortly by this fender bender on US 11/15 in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Lots of police activity lately. Must be spring’…

Darkstaff Camp Hill Pennsylvania 2 427x320

…’Then, on Tuesday night, I got to see the police up close and personal! I went through a stop sign and got myself a $111.00 fine. No points on my license though’ [We're glad about the lack of points says Tachoblog]…

Darkstaff 312 427x320

…’A gorgeous sunset while unloading in Greencastle, Pennsylvania last night’…

Darkstaff Greencastle Pennsylvania 4 427x320

…’And finally for this week, here I am unloading at night. We have to pull into the bay so our hoses will reach correctly’.

Darkastaff 5 427x320

So did you think this week’s View From The Cab was better than last week’s?

Tachoblog can’t decide – both posts have been great.

Our thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views.  Wonder if we can have an even better post next week?

Would you like to be part of that – or any other View From The Cab?  If you’re a driver then you’re welcome to join in.

All you have to do is is email your View(s) to vftc@tachoblog.com or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog, or post them on Tachoblog’s Facebook Wall.   Please remember include a line or two of text that says, if nothing else, where the picture was taken.