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This week’s View From The Cab (our regular look through the windscreens of the Tachoblog Tribe) comes almost completely from Canada and America.

For some reason the European (and New Zealand) members have been quiet this week but that’s not a problem as we still have lots of Views to bring you.

View From The Cab starts with Al_Goodhall who was in Winnipeg where he says that ‘first this trucker needs a little go-go juice of his own’…

Al Goodhall Winnipeg 1 427x239

…’Then in Manitoba, on the Prairie highway, a never ending road, with never ending fields of canola’.

Al Goodhall Manitoba 2 427x239

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View From The Cab Logo7 427x62Next we catch up with AZVern.  His first View From The Cab is of ‘Four Peaks, as seen from AZ-87 Northbound, MM 200′…

AZVern Four Peaks Arizona 1 427x320

…He also sent this View of ‘Pete’s Cabaret in Star Valley, Arizona’…

AZVern Petes Cabaret Star Valley 2 427x320

…And also ‘Payson Burger King, my first job not working for my father, I was 14′.

AZVern Burger King Payson Arizona 3 427x320

View From The Cab Logo7 427x62

Darkstaff’s week didnt’ start well, but in this picture you can see that ”The cavalry has arrived – A View From The Cab, the unfortunate side. She broke down on I-95 just north of Florida’…

Darkstaff Florida 1 427x318

…But his week got better and this is a View of ‘sunset in Virginia going westbound on I-64. Through my new windshield, replaced due to the 6 cracks in the old one!’.

Darkstaff Virginia Sunset 2 427x318

View From The Cab Logo7 427x62Billy J White – who we haven’t heard from in a long time – kindly sent this, his ‘View From The Cab for the moment! Showing my PSUVolleyball colors in Carlstadt, New Jersey’.

BillyJWhite Carlstadt New Jersey 1 427x318

View From The Cab Logo7 427x62Heydriver and Goldie were saying ‘Hello Pittsburgh!! Wahhoooo!  Greetings from the Fort Pitt Tunnel.  Exiting at a speed around 50 mph you don’t have much time to get a picture taken.

See as soon as I can I have to go far left to make my exit.  A lovely day and a lovely town.

On my personal list of favorite Eastern cities I’d have to put Pittsburgh at #2.  New York City is #1 and that will have to have it’s own picture.  Make sure you check out The Strip and Carson Street.’

Heydriver Pittsburgh 1 427x255

View From The Cab Logo7 427x62RandyNose sent this ‘View from the Cab from Wheeling, West Virginia. I normally am pointed the other way, but this tank unloads on the passenger side of the truck. (I thought that I had taken some more recent photo’s this week, but they’re lost in a bit bucket somewhere)’.

RandyNose Wheeling West Virginia 11 427x255


View From The Cab Logo7 427x62Now we catch up with LittleTrucker who was singing ‘Hi ho, hi ho. Around the wreck I go. Shifting gears and spinning rears, hi ho hi ho hi ho hi hooo!’ When we asked her where this picture was taken, LittleTrucker said ‘a little farm road just off of I-75 near North Baltimore, Ohio. If you look closely, you can see the trucks on the Interstate who are waiting for the road to reopen!’

LittleTrucker 12 427x320

View From The Cab Logo7 427x62Finally for this week Tachoblog has a couple of Views for you.  Ok, they are Views From The Riverbank, not The Cab, but given it’s of one of London’s most famous landmarks that we saw yesterday, we hope you’ll forgive us.  This is Tower Bridge as seen from the south bank of the River Thames…

Tachoblog Tower Bridge London 320x320

…And this is a panorama that shows all of the river that we could see; from HMS Belfast on the left to Tower Bridge on the right.

Tachoblog River Thames Panorama 427x101

That’s all from View From The Cab for this week.  Tachoblog’s thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views.

If you’re a truck driver and would like to join in with View From The Cab then you are most welcome to.

All you have to do is email your Views to or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog, or post them on Tachoblog’s Facebook Wall.   Please remember include a line or two of text that says, if nothing else, where the picture was taken.

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