Ok, so we’re a few days late with last week’s View From The Cab – sorry about that.  But we haven’t forgotten our weekly look through the windscreens of the Tachoblog Tribe.

View From The Cab Logo13 427x62

Before we start, Tachoblog would just like to thank the members of the Tachoblog Tribe that sent in their Views.  Without them doing so, View From The Cab wouldn’t exist, so we’re really grateful that they take the time to take and send their pictures in.  If you’d like to join them and View From The Cab, you can find out how to at the end of this post.

Right then, on with the Views.

We begin with Reaperracing who, for once, isn’t working all night.  Of his first View he says, ‘Not much to share [Tachoblog disagrees!], just a freighter headed south from under Blue Water Bridge (headed into Canada via Sarnia, Ontario from Port Huron, Michigan)’…

Reaperracing 11 240x320

Now click below for more from Reaperracing and the rest of View From The Cab…

…His other View is from Woodstock, Ontario where he says that it ‘doesn’t get easier then Shunting trailers at the Toyota plant’.

Reaperracing Woodstock Ontario 2 240x320

View From The Cab Logo13 427x62Staying in Canada, we join Al_Goodhall, who is , ‘hHeading down to Lake Superior from the top of the hill in Duluth, Manitoba’…

Al Goodhall Duluth Manitoba 1 427x239

…’A little break by the side of a little lake’ in Rossport, Ontario’…

Al Goodhall Rossport Ontario 2 427x320

…’Added stress to my day by starting late. HoS can become an issue. Finally leaving yard.’…

Al Goodhall 3 427x320

…’Heavy traffic approaching the Big Smoke (Toronto)’…

Al Goodhall Toronto 4 427x242

…And of his final View he says, ‘I never grow weary of the drive around Lake Superior. It’s one of my job benefits’.


Al Goodhall Lake Superior 5 427x240


View From The Cab Logo13 427x62From New Zealand Vic H says to ‘just forget about all the snow photos I’ve sent over the last few months, we are well into Spring here now, new lambs are everywhere, the lawn mowing contractor at one of the wineries has just bought himself a new remote-controlled tracklaying mower and the weather is fine.

To put it another way, in the words of that most prolific of all poets, ‘Anon’…

…’Spring has sprung’…

Vic H 1 Spring has sprung 1 427x320

…”The grass has riz’…

Vic H The grass has riz 2 427x320

…’I wonder where them birdies is’.

Vic H I wonder where 3 427x320

View From The Cab Logo13 427x62To America now where, making a very welcome return, Surfingtrucker was ‘heading south on I-81 in Pennsylvania, going to our terminal in Carlisle’.

Surfingtrucker 1 427x320

View From The Cab Logo13 427x62Our final View for this week comes from RandyNose who says that, ‘they’re about done with the new tank. Springfield, Ohio’.

RandyNose Springfield Ohio 13 427x255

He’s sent us a shot of this tank before, you can see it in Tachoblog’s View From The Cab – 19.8.11

As promised earlier, if you’re a truck driver and would like to join in with View From The Cab then you are most welcome to.

All you have to do is email your Views to vftc@tachoblog.com or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog, or post them on Tachoblog’s Facebook Wall.   Please remember include a line or two of text that says, if nothing else, where the picture was taken.

Whether you’re a driver or not, you can join in (and win prizes too) with Summer Trucking, our new photographic competition.   Have a look at our Summer Trucking page for full details.