Yes, it’s View From The Cab time again.  So join us as we once again see the world through the Tachoblog Tribe’s windscreens.

Before we take our trip around the world, Tachoblog wants to introduce Summer Trucking, the photo competition that we’re running with LakewoodLoon.  You can find all the details in this post about Summer Trucking – but make sure you see View From The Cab first!

This week we begin our world tour in New Zealand and join Vic H ‘in the late afternoon on S.H.1 as I was approaching Taihape, where I was to stay the night’…

VicH Taihape 1 427x320

…This ‘second one was taken a couple of days later at about the same time of day, on S.H.27 between Tatuanui and Patetonga’…

Vic H Tatuanui 2 427x320

Now click below for more View From The Cab from Vic H and the Tachoblog Tribe..

…’Not too many years ago New Zealand was known as the land of 3 million people and 70 million sheep. Now there are about 4 million people and only about 30 million sheep; here are a few of those sheep alongside S.H.5 near Taupo’…

VicH Sheep Taupo 3 427x296

…Finally Vic sent us this view that he took ‘yesterday morning Auckland was blanketed in fog and this was the view from the cab as I drove out of one of the wineries’.

Vic H Auckland 4 427x320

In America Amishtrucker was ‘crossing the causeway over Corpus Christi Bay going towards Corpus Christi which is visible to the left of the photo. (Downtown). On the right is the refinery area and the port and shipping area of Corpus Christi.

‘The water in the bay is a bit choppy on this windy Monday, May 23, 2011, when I crossed this causeway. I call it Corpus Christi Bay, but technically to the right of this roadway is Nueces Bay and to the left is Corpus Christi Bay’…

Amishtrucker Corpus Christi Texas 1  427x320

…’This is taken from the same Causeway but closer to Corpus Christi. You can see the Harbor Bridge ahead in the center of the photo and downtown to the left of that.

‘Happy driving to all drivers! I enjoy your submissions to VFTC and would enjoy driving some of the roads that I see here from other places in the world’.

Amishtrucker Corpus Christi Texas 2  427x320

LakewoodLoon has gone a bit arty this week and sent in ‘these shots from Columbus, Ohio I took them while I was waiting for someone to come out and meet up with the truck to get started with unloading it’….

LakewoodLoon Columbus Ohio 1

…’I'm thinking that maybe some triple shots out of the cab might be a “view set” I could do.  Right Mirror, Center, and left mirror.  Hmm…  But I didn’t do it this week’…

LakewoodLoon Columbus Ohio 2

…’This of course would be the drivers side, but I didn’t take it from within the cab, or with a mirror so it doesn’t count’…

LakewoodLoon Columbus Ohio 3

…’And as you might have guessed, they weren’t out really quick, so I started staring at the walls, taking some arty shots’…

LakewoodLoon Columbus Ohio 4

…’My phone camera sucks. And I’m not really great at photography, but I do like to dabble in it’.

LakewoodLoon Columbus Ohio 5

Finally this week we head to Germany where Rainerri1967 sent in this View of the ‘Shell Tankstelle in Güdderath’…

Rainerri1967 Güdderath 1

…Like LakewoodLoon he had a long wait to be unloaded too but Rainerri1967 was at DHL Mönchengladbach.

Rainerri1967 Mönchengladbach 2

That’s it for this week’s View From The Cab.

Tachoblog’s thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views – as they do every week!

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