Seven members of the Tachoblog Tribe, 17 Views…It can only be this week’s View From The Cab.  Join us as we see what they saw…

View From The Cab Logo31 427x62We begin with Darkstaff who was ‘in Northumberland, Pennsylvania.  Some days, I arrive early to my first delivery of ethanol and have to wait a bit. Then it’s two tanks, and 8,200 gallons delivered’…

Darkstaff 115 427x244

…Here he is ‘delivering a load of B2 diesel at the Carlisle, Pennsylvania Old Dominion terminal’.

Darkstaff Carlisle Pennsylvania 2 320x320

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View From The Cab Logo31 427x62Truckers Voice sent us this selection from a snowy Washington.

TruckersVoice Washington 1 427x254

TruckersVoice Washington 2

TruckersVoice Washington 3 427x254

TruckersVoice Washington 4 427x254

TruckersVoice Washington 5 427x254

View From The Cab Logo31 427x62Randynose was ‘passing by the Native Pride Truck Stop, near Hanover, New York. Great place for cheap tobacco. If your into that kind of thing. Smokes are 4 bucks a pack, instead of $8.00′.

RandyNose Hanover New York 1 427x255

View From The Cab Logo31 427x62
@DriverChrisMc View From The Cab for this week is the ‘tree at rest area southbound on I 81 in Virginia’.

DriverChrisMc Virginia 1 318x320

View From The Cab Logo31 427x62In New Zealand Vic H was ‘on the way back from Timaru to Auckland, a few photos taken firstly through the Cheviot Hills, north of Christchuch’…

Vic H Cheviot 1 427x320

…’Then going past the engine shed of Steam Incorporated at Paekakariki, just north of Wellington’…

Vic H Steam Inc 2 427x320

…’And following another of our tankers along the Himitangi straights’…

Vic H Himitangi 3 427x320

…’Before reaching Waiouru and the start of the Desert Road’.

Vic H Desert Waiouru 4 427x320

View From The Cab Logo31 427x62
Al Goodhall was at  ‘Eden’s extension. Going to be a long ride through Chicago tonight’.

AlGoodhall Chicago 1 427x320
View From The Cab Logo31 427x62The last member of the Tachoblog Tribe in View From The Cab this week is Amishtrucker.  He was off ‘along Farm to Market Road 136.  It is like the back road coming out of Corpus Christi Texas going to Refugio, Texas’…

Amishtrucker 112 427x320

…’It runs along the northern edge of Copano Bay which comes in by Rockport, Texas.

Amishtrucker 213 427x320

…’South Texas scenery and south Texas traffic’.

Amishtrucker 38 427x320

And that’s all for this week’s View From The Cab.

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