Welcome to View From The Cab our weekly look through the windscreens of the Tachoblog Tribe.  Sunrise, Sunset, Autumn and Spring – we have it all this week.

View From The Cab Logo32 427x62We begin this week’s View From The Cab on Central Pennsylvania Highway 10 with Truckers Voice.

TruckersVoice Central Pennsylvania 1 427x254


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TruckersVoice Central Pennsylvania 2 427x254

TruckersVoice Central Pennsylvania 3 427x254

View From The Cab Logo32 427x62For Vic H in New Zealand ‘officially the end of February is the last day of Summer here, and the 1st of March is obviously the beginning of Autumn. These few photos were taken on that day along State Highway 1 between Ohingaiti and Mangaweka’…

VicH Autumn1 427x320

…’And show that Autumn has really arrived here with grey cloudy skies and lots of wind’…

VicH Autumn2 427x320

…’Tomorrow (Saturday) is forecast to be worse with a “weather bomb” on the way, causing all the Inter-Island ferries to be cancelled until further notice as 12-metre waves are expected in Cook Strait’…

VicH Autumn3 427x320

…’I'm not due to cross over until Monday afternoon, so I’m hoping things will have settled down by then’  [So do we Vic!].

VicH Autumn4 427x320

View From The Cab Logo32 427x62For his View From The Cab RandyNose sent  ‘yet another view from Silvercreek, New York. This is the ‘silvery’ creek’…

RandyNose Silvercreek New York 11 427x255

…And another View where he is ‘waiting for the molasses tanker to finish up, so I can deliver corn sugary syrup’.

RandyNose Silvercreek New York 21

View From The Cab Logo32 427x62DriverChrisMc sent us our final View From The Cab this week.  It’s ‘sunset from the Walmart DC in Shelbyville, Tennessee’.

DriverChrisMc Shelbyville Tennessee 1 240x320

That’s all for this week’s View From The Cab.

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