Welcome to this week’s View From The Cab, where the Tachoblog Tribe send us in pictures of what they can see through their windscreens.

As ever this week’s View From The Cab comes from all over the world and Tachoblog is very grateful to everyone that sent in their Views.

So let’s start with Heydriver and Goldie who could see where ‘Old Glory hangs from the West Tower of the George Washington Bridge [Tachoblog thinks this is the bridge that goes between New York City and New Jersey]‘.

Heydriver George Washington Bridge 1

View From The Cab Logo1 427x62In Germany Rainerri1967 saw an ‘old Hanomag at Neudingen’…

Rainerri1967 Neudingen Germany 1 239x320

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…Rainerri 1967 says this one is ‘a little younger’.

Rainerri1967 Neudingen Germany 2 239x320

View From The Cab Logo1 427x62Back in the USA, Amishtrucker was ‘merging onto I37 north from Texas 234 at Edroy, Texas.  I noticed that the corn field on the right is brown and ready to harvest. Not sure if it is really ready or if it is just so dry here that it dried up. We are having a drought overall but spots of the area get a shower now and then. Also some of these fields are irrigated.

‘Growing up as a farm kid in the north (Michigan/Indiana) I am not quite used to the fact yet that here in the south the corn harvest comes in the summertime, and not later in the year like it did there’…

Amishtrucker Edroy Texas 1 427x320…’A view of the old bridge crossing the Guadalupe River Colorado River [see comments!] on Business 60 near Wharton, Texas. This is not the way they are building bridges anymore but I like the old style bridges like this’.

Amishtrucker Guadalupe River Wharton Texas 2 427x320

View From The Cab Logo1 427x62Last week Vic H ‘didn’t get much chance to take photos because of the rain; well, this week I had to contend with the Chilean volcano’s eruption which sent an ash cloud across to New Zealand. In this first photo, taken while I was loading up at a winery in Hastings, the early morning sun is trying to force its way through the haze caused by the volcanic ash’…

Vic H Volcanic Ash Hastings New Zealand 1 427x320

…’It eventually succeeded, as you can see from this photo taken a couple of hours later as I was entering the Manawatu Gorge on the way to Wellington and the Inter-Island ferry’…

vic H Manawatu Gorge 2 427x320

…’I rather liked the picture on the back of this truck which I followed along the ferry ramp’…

Vic H Inter Island ferry New Zealand Mainfreight 3 240x320…’The back of a truck with a picture of the back of a truck with a picture of a back of a truck…and so on, ad infinitum.

‘A bit like the bit of verse about the fleas, I suppose – I’m sure you know the one:  Big fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite ‘em And little fleas have littler fleas, and so on, ad infinitum’.

Vic H Inter Island ferry New Zealand Mainfreight 4 342x320

View From The Cab Logo1 427x62Returning to America, Darkstaff has had another 1000+ mile week.  He starts in the ‘Yakima Valley in Washington state, along I-82 -  A lot of vineyards along here’…

Darkstaff Yakima Valley Washington 1 427x318

…’One of those vineyards’…

Darkstaff Yakima Valley Washington 2 427x318

…’Actually a View OF The Cab; waiting for a load at the T/A in North Bend, Washington’…

Darkstaff North Bend Washington 3 427x318

…’Passing a few moments on a beautiful day in a California rest area along I-5′…

Darkstaff I 5 California 4 427x320

…’Staged for a load of sugar out of Crockett, California. This one’s going to be heavy’…

Darkstaff Crockett California 5 427x318

…’Sunset over San Pablo Bay from the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge on I-80 between Crockett and Vallejo, California’…

Darkstaff Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge California 6 427x318

…And finally from Darkstaff , the ‘sunset over the Great Salt Lake, Utah’.

Darkstaff Great Salt Lake Utah 7 427x241

View From The Cab Logo1 427x62To Sweden now where Bergmanman was in ‘boring rain. Outside Borlänge heading to Falun to load 37 tons of cable’.

Bergmanman Borlänge 1 427x255

View From The Cab Logo1 427x62For the last couple of Views in this week’s View From The Cab we go to America again where RandyNose [who used to be LakewoodLoon, remember?] was ‘getting ready to head out for the day.  Getting one of these for a later delivery. Cleveland, Ohio’.

RandyNose Cleveland Ohio 1 427x320

View From The Cab Logo1 427x62Finally we catch up with DriverGeoff who’s been loading his trailer but he ‘still needs to put a car in’.  We don’t know where this was though so if anyone can tell Tachoblog then please do.

DriverGeoff5 427x320

As you’ll no doubt have noticed, this week we’ve used the ‘View From The Cab Splitter’ that RandyNose kindly created for us.  What do you think, does it make View From The Cab easier to read?  Please let us know.

That’s all from View From The Cab for this week. If you’d like to join the Tachoblog Tribe and View From The Cab, then you’re more than welcome.

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