It’s View From The Cab time again.  Join us as we see the world through the Tachoblog Tribe’s windscreens.  We’re off to America and New Zealand this week.

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We start with Darkstaff who, ‘after loading the tanker, pulls forward to go inside and get the bills for the load. Loving this new job!’.

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Randynose was ‘waiting around to load while its ‘raining’ snow in Lakeville, New York’.

Randynose Lakeville New York 1 427x255

View From The Cab Logo30 427x62Truckers Voice sent us several pictures for View From The Cab.  The first from Bunker Hill, Kansas…

TruckersVoice Bunker Hill Kansas 1 427x254

…Then Oberlin, Kansas…

TruckersVoice Oberlin Kansas 2 427x254

…This is Cheyenne, Wyoming…

TruckersVoice Cheyenne Wyoming 3
…’Delivering in Casper, Wyoming’…

TruckersVoice Casper Wyoming 4 427x254

…’Sitting at the Wyoming / Montana port of entry’…

TruckersVoice WyomingMontana 5 427x254

…Her final View From The Cab is of the Wyoming / Montana border.

TruckersVoice WyomingMontana 6 427x254

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We welcome 1861_Again to the Tachoblog Tribe and View From The Cab.  They’ve sent us this View from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

TruckersVoice Cedar Rapids Iowa 7 427x320

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Let’s leave the snow and cold behind as we travel to New Zealand where Vic H ‘had a trip from Auckland to Clandeboye and back this week; where on earth is that, you may ask. Clandeboye is near Timaru, on the east coast of the South Island. The first day was from Auckland to Wellington, across on the ferry to Picton, at the top of the South Island’…

Vic H NZ 1 217x320

…’Heading south the next day, the sun was rising as I drove over the Lion’s Back’…

Vic H Lions Back 2 427x320

…’and then down the Kaikoura coast’…

Vic H Kaikoura 3 427x320

…’through the Paratitahi Tunnel’…

Vic H Paratitahi Tunnel 4 427x318

…’and across the bridge over the Waiau River to Clandeboye, about 1300km from Auckland. Waiau actually means swirling or turbulent water and although there isn’t much evidence of that in this photo the river can get pretty wild after heavy rain’.

Vic H Waiau Bridge 5 427x320

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After missing a few week’s View From The Cab we’re delighted to welcome Amishtrucker back.  His first two Views are ‘from the Bastrop fire Area along US 71 just east of Bastrop, Texas’…

Amishtrucker Bastrop Texas 1 427x320

…’There is new life, there is rebuilding, there is hope in the air for the future and for this year. We have had a lot of rain over the winter and things are looking up’…

Amishtrucker Bastrop Texas 22 427x320

…’Along IH10 near Seguin where road construction is still in progress.  The overpass you can see is coming from the extension to TX 130 that will bring the bypass from around Austin Texas all the way down to IH10 where it will join right here. It is a toll road but for us living on the east side, we can go north towards Dallas and never get close to the Austin traffic anymore.  Probably not a really great thing for trucks as I imagine the toll is plenty high but it does bypass the Austin metro area and all that mess’…

Amishtrucker Seguin Texas 3 427x320

…’And this is a shot going in towards Houston on IH10 in heavy traffic, in fog and running alongside a load of recycled cardboard. The shot looks like it is out in the country with all the trees but it is between Katy and Highway 6 at some spot where there are still some trees.  Actually Houston has a lot of trees inside the metro area. These look like they are waiting for spring to clothe them with leaves. Have a good week, everyone!   See ya!’.

Amishtrucker Houston Texas 4 427x320

That’s all for this week’s View From The Cab.

Tachoblog’s thanks to all those that sent in a View.

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