Well here’s a turn up, this week’s View From The Cab is a day early!  Regular readers will know that if our window on the world through the windscreens of the Tachoblog Tribe isn’t on a Friday we’re usually late!

But for once Tachoblog’s been planning properly so you don’t have to wait longer than usual for your View From The Cab fix.

View From The Cab Logo4 427x62This week’s View From The Cab is in the order that we received the Views.  Interestingly (well, Tachoblog thought it was anyway) we end up with a reasonably logical route around the globe.

So let’s get started with the welcome return of GR8CDNPumpkin.  His first View is of ‘flooding on SK-39 in Saskatchewan, Canada’…

GR8CDNPumpkin 1 427x240

Now click below for more from GR8CDNPumpkin and the rest of this week’s View From The Cab…

…GR8CDNPumpkin must have changed his truck as he says he is ‘ now driving an Evil Pumpkin’…

GR8CDNPumpkin 2 427x240

…This is ‘The Canadian Ride of Pride truck’…

GR8CDNPumpkin 3 427x240

GR8CDNPumpkin 4 427x240

…And here is GR8CDNPumpkin’s youngest son showing off the Canadian Ride of Pride…

GR8CDNPumpkin 5 427x240

…For someone from Canada, he’s obviously away from home as his next View is of ‘morning in Springfield, Missouri’…

GR8CDNPumpkin 6 427x320

…And his last View is of the ‘aftermath of a severe thunderstorm in Arkansas. Wind blew this truck over in I-55′.

GR8CDNPumpkin 7 427x242

View From The Cab Logo4 427x62We stay in America from where Heydriver and Goldie sent us two pictures for View From The Cab.  The first they entitled ‘Fair Warning’ from when they were on I-64 E in Norfolk, Virginia…

Heydriver Norfolk Virginia 1 427x269

…Their second View is of ‘Marilyn at Kennett Square, Pennsylvania  She’s still looking good. Sometimes, the old icons are the best. She was a sirene from a
distant past. Dig them Red Shoes’.

Heydriver Kennett Square Pa 2

View From The Cab Logo4 427x62Remaining in Pennsylvania we catch up with Littletrucker who had ‘mystification’ in Carlisle.

Littletrucker Carlisle Pa 1 320x320View From The Cab Logo4 427x62In New Zealand Vic H was ‘heading down through the centre of the North Island on Monday to catch the Inter-Island ferry once again. As I was approaching the new roundabout near Taupo, there was plenty of steam from the Wairakei thermal area, which feeds the geothermal power stations’…

VFTC Wairakei 427x320

…’Then on a bit further on the road near Motutere on the edge of Lake Taupo’…

VFTC Taupo 427x316

…’And on to the Desert Road where there was a fair bit of snow on Mt Ruapehu’…

VFTC Ruapehu1 427x313

…’But not nearly as much as there would normally be at this time of year and not enough for the ski-field operators, although as I write this on Thursday evening the forecast is for some very cold weather so some proper snow could be on the way soon’.

VFTC Ruapehu2 427x320

View From The Cab Logo4 427x62Just over the water in Australia, Twocrowsdown was ‘waiting at the truckwash at BP in Kewdale.

twocrowsdown BP Kewdale 1 320x320

View From The Cab Logo4 427x62Finally for this week’s View From The Cab we travel to Sweden where Bergmanman was ‘leaving our parking for a day out on the roads’.

Bergmanman 13 427x255

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