Welcome to this week’s View From The Cab.  Come and join us as we look at the world through the Tachoblog Tribe’s windscreens.

View From The Cab Logo12 427x62Today we’ve got Views from Canada, America and New Zealand.  In amongst them we have fires, tilt-shifts and pretzels (that’s bound to please TJ!).

So let’s get started with View From The Cab and join Al_Goodhall who was ‘driving into the sunset towards McGregor, Manitoba and my last trailer switch of the day’.

Al Goodhall McGregor Manitoba 1 427x240

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View From The Cab Logo12 427x62RandyNose was in Canton, Ohio and across from pretzel factory (see TJ, pretzels!) where I deliver. Looks like they make transformers…

RandyNose Canton Ohio 1 427x255

…Some of his other Views are from from Marietta, Ohio where he had some time (6 hrs!) to kill.

RandyNose 2 427x255

RandyNose 3 427x255

RandyNose’s final two Views use something called ‘Tilt-Shift’.  It’s all very technical and complicated, but suffice to say that the idea is to make the subject of the photograph look like a model.

RandyNose 41 427x255

RandyNose 5 427x255

Vic H was ‘down in the South Island, getting close to sunset as I was driving westwards to Omarama’…

Vic H 113 427x320

…’Heading south from Omarama the next morning. Omarama is a very popular place for gliding because of the strong thermal currents and the World Gliding Championships have been held here’…

Vic H Omarama 2 427x320

…’Heading back northwards again through the Lindis Pass’…

Vic H Lindis 3 427x320

…’Driving across the dam at the southern end of Lake Pukaki. This is quite a large lake of about 180 sq km which was dammed to provide more headwaters for the hydro-electric power stations’.

Vic H Pukaki 4 427x320


View From The Cab Logo12 427x62

Our final View From The Cab pictures come from Amishtrucker who says, “All of my views show smoke from the many and various fires we had burning around Texas a week ago. Now most of them are contained but there are still breakouts about every day. The weather and wind conditions were just right on the Saturday before Labor Day when the first fire started to whip it up into a major fire. So many fires started during the Labor Day weekend that it overwhelmed local fire departments. It took several days for federal wildfire fighters to mobilize and come into Texas. Once they did and the winds died down (they were very gusty for several days).”

‘Looks like clouds on the horizon but that is smoke from the Bastop area fires. Right in the middle you can see smoke rising from a fire that is burning there’…

Amishtrucker 111 427x320

…’A heavy band of smoke from the Montgomer-Waller fire northwest of Houston streaming over IH10 at the Katy-Ft. Bend Country Road exit just west of Houston’…

Amishtrucker 212 427x320

…’Also on IH10, sunset through smoke haze that is coming from the Bastrop fires. This photo is close to Columbus’…

Amishtrucker 37 427x320

…’This is another more pleasant sunset as seen from IH10 not far from the safety rest area on IH10 at the 692 exit. This seems peaceful but those aren’t clouds or haze. It is smoke from the Bastrop fires’.

Amishtrucker 42 427x320

That’s all from View For The Cab for this week.

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