Yes it’s time for View From The Cab our weekly look around the world through the windscreens of the Tachoblog Tribe.

View From The Cab Logo35 427x62Today we’ll visit Wales, America, Australia and New Zealand so let’s get started – especially as Tachoblog’s two days late in getting this post up (sorry!).

We begin with  Jayceebigrig whom we welcome to the Tachoblog Tribe.  He sent this from Bala in North Wales…

Jayceebigrig Bala North Wales 1 427x318

Now click below for more from Jayceebigrig and the rest of this week’s View From The Cab…

…And this of the Flintshire Bridge.

Jayceebigrig Flintshire Bridge 2 427x318

View From The Cab Logo35 427x62

Truckers Voice sent two Views, the first from BFE Nebraska…

Truckers Voice Nebraska 1 427x254

…And the second from Nara Visa, New Mexico.

Truckers Voice Nara Visa. New Mexico 2 427x253

View From The Cab Logo35 427x62AZVern said this was ‘unnerving for most, just a day in the office – somewhere around Phoenix, Arizona – for me’.

AZVern Phoenix 1 427x320

View From The Cab Logo35 427x62TwoCrowsDown was ‘being towed up onto the ROM at Sinclair Mine (near Leinster in Australia) – because I lost traction halfway up’.

TwoCrowsDown Sinclair Mine 1 427x320

View From The Cab Logo35 427x62DriverChrisMc first View From The Cab is from Ohio, ‘clouds at sunset. Stinking bugs made a mess of it’…

DriverChrisMc Ohio 1 427x277

…’Same sunset shot earlier in Pennsylvania on I70-stinking bugs committed mass suicide on my windshield’…

DriverChrisMc Pennsylvania 2 427x320

…His final View From The Cab is the ‘rainbow sunset from the flyin j in Albuquerque’

DriverChrisMc Albuquerque 3 427x320

View From The Cab Logo35 427x62

Seeing as they know each other we thought we’d make Darkstaff follow DriverChrisMc.

Of his first View he says, ‘this here is a sunrise heading east on US 322 in Happy Valley/State College, Pennsylvania. Home of Penn State University’…

Darkstaff Pennsylvania 1 427x320

…’This I thought was just some cool patterns in the sky, along I-81 north bound above Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’…

Darkstaff Pennsylvania 21 427x320

…’Here I am waiting my turn to go down Seven Mountains Hill. Nice 3.5 mile 8% descent, which I have to do 6 days a week in an old Mack with no engine brake.  Needless to say, the brakes get a little “soft” at the end’…

Darkstaff Pennsylvania 3 427x310

…’There’s a storm a brewin’! I’m headed north on I-81 just south of Carlisle, Pennsylvania and trying to get back to the yard before it rains! ( Which I did. )’…

Darkstaff Pennsylvania 4 427x320

…’Finally this week, here is a shot of the yard that I run out of. It’s an old terminated oil yard. The tanks are gone, as are the racks. We have an office in the old building you see here, and four of our five trucks are parked. The one I drive daily right now is the old Mack on the far right’.

Darkstaff Pennsylvania 5 427x320

View From The Cab Logo35 427x62Vic H says that ‘in VFTC on the 3rd January I posted some photos of the Manawatu Gorge which had been closed for some months by a huge landslip and was expected to be opened in February. Well it still isn’t open so I am still having to go over the Saddle Road when going from Wellington to Hawke’s Bay’…

VFTC Saddle Rd1 427x320

VFTC Saddle Rd2 427x235

…’I went over it a couple of times this week, once at sunrise so I thought a few more photos might be acceptable’…

VFTC Saddle Rd3 240x320VFTC Saddle Rd4 427x255

VFTC Saddle Rd5 427x320
For a video of the landslip and the repair work being done you can have a look here

That’s all for this week’s View From The Cab.

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