It might be Friday the 13th but there’s no bad luck when it comes to View From The Cab – our weekly look through the Tachoblog Tribe’s windscreens.

So join us as we travel to America, New Zealand, Germany and Sweden.

But before we head off Tachoblog would like to thank the Tachoblog Tribe for taking the time to take some pictures and send them in to us.

First up this week is Amishtrucker and here he is ‘starting out across the John F. Kennedy Memorial Causeway coming from Corpus Christi towards South Padre Island. You can see the bridge in the distance that crosses the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.  There is more history behind this waterway than I had imaged just from driving over it here and there (Corpus Christi and Houston). It is part of a Intracoastal Waterway System that stretches from the southern tip of Texas all along the Gulf Coast and then up the East Coast to somewhere in New Jersey’…

Amishtrucker John F. Kennedy Memorial Causeway Texas 1 427x320

Now click below for more from Amishtrucker and the rest of this week’s Views…

…’Here I am passing the sign welcoming me to “The Island”. This is a destination for many people on  ‘spring break’, coming here for the beaches all along the coast. It remains a popular destination all summer. Again a link to Wikipedia and some information I had no idea about!  Padre Island is the world’s longest barrier Island? Yes.   And it is all part of the state of Texas’…

Amishtrucker Padre Island Texas 2 427x320

…’Heading into the storm on US59 SB near El Campo, Texas. Finally some rain!’

Amishtrucker El Campo Texas 3 427x320

In New Zealand Vic H was ‘Coming back from Blenheim to Auckland today the weather was beautiful; you would never have thought that the official start of winter is only a couple of weeks away’…

Vic H Taihape1 427x320

…’The first three photos were taken on State Highway 1 around Taihape, it was sunny and warm and I was driving in a shirt and shorts with the air-con going’…

Vic H Taihape2 427x320

…’You can tell it is late Autumn by the colour of some of the leaves on the trees and the lack of leaves on some others’…

Vic H Taihape3 427x320

…’Just a few minutes later, on the Desert Road, this storm appeared in the distance out of nowhere’…

Vic H Desert Rd4 427x320

…’and rapidly got closer, only to veer away and I was soonh back in brilliant sunshine again’.

Vic H Desert Rd5 427x320

Time to head to Germany from where Rainerri1967 sent in this great view from Moseltalbrücke on the A61.

Rainerri1967 Moseltalbrücke 1

Back to America and LakewoodLoon had a ‘misty Sunday morning coming out of Cleveland, Ohio going south on I-77′…

LakewoodLoon Cleveland Ohio 1 427x320

…His second View is from Westlake, Ohio and the  Pancake, Chocolate Syrup, etc factory.  A ‘Loverly Springy day!’…

LakewoodLoon Westlake Ohio 2 427x320

…Lastly he ‘s ‘all hookered up and pumping off the sweet and sticky stuff. Heavy Corn is almost like glue’.

LakewoodLoon Westlake Ohio 3 427x320

Finally for this week we journey to Sweden and find Bergmanman ‘cruising RV50 from Falun over to Alfta. Soon this day is over!’.

Bergmanman Falun Alfta 1 427x255

And that’s all from View From The Cab for this week.

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