Tachoblog’s one day early with View From The Cab (our look through the Tachoblog Tribe’s windscreens) this week.

View From The Cab Logo9 427x62Thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe, in today’s View From The Cab we’ll be visiting America, Australia, England and New Zealand.

So let’s get started.

We begin by joining AZVern who saw this sign for the Petrified Forest National Park on I-40  near Holbrook, Arizona…

AZVern Holbrook Arizona 1 427x320

Now click below for more from AZVern and the rest of this week’s View From The Cab…

AZVern’s second View From The Cab is from US 550 Southbound in New Mexico.

AZVern New Mexico 2 427x320

View From The Cab Logo9 427x62

From Australia TwoCrowsDown sent this View of his ‘baby in the waiting room at the ‘doctors’ – Cummins next to Perth airport,Western Australia’.

TwoCrowsDown 11 320x320

View From The Cab Logo9 427x62In England Derek ‘kermit’ de Monyé says it was ‘not very busy at Felixstowe’.

Kermit Felixstowe 1 427x318

View From The Cab Logo9 427x62Down (well it’s down for Tachoblog) in New Zealand, Vic H says that he knows he has ‘posted photos of Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe previously but it is a route I travel most weeks. The mountains are often completely hidden by cloud, but not this time as I was heading home on the Desert Road through the central North Island on Tuesday morning. I had been driving about 3 hours and at about 7am the sun’s rays were lighting up the top of Ruapehu even though the sun was still below the horizon’…

Vic H Ruapehu 1 427x320

…’Ruapehu is one of three active volcanoes in the area, all of which are plainly visible from the road. The second one is the distinctive cone of Ngauruhoe’…

Vic H Ngauruhoe 2 427x320

…’Which was known as Mt Doom in Peter Jackson’s Lord Of The Rings film trilogy’…

Vic H Ngauruhoe 3 427x320

…’The third one is Tongariro, which is the series of peaks to the right of this photo’…

Vic H Tongariro 4 427x315

…’A short time later the sun had risen properly but by the time it did the clouds had come as well which made an interesting sky’.

Vic H Sunrise 5 427x275

View From The Cab Logo9 427x62Lastly for this week we return to America and catch up with Al_Goodhall who had been ‘camped out on the south shore of Lake Superior last night near Marquette, Michigan’…

Al Goodhall Lake Superior Marquette Michigan 1 427x239

…His second View From The Cab and our last one for this week is from when he was ‘heading over the Mackinac Bridge from Michigan’s upper peninsula. Southbound on I75′.

Al Goodhall Mackinac Bridge Michigan 2

That’s all from this week’s View From The Cab.  Tachoblog’s thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views.

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That’s all from Tachoblog for this week.  We’ll see you all again on Monday.