Welcome to this week’s View From The Cab – Tachoblog’s window on the world.  We’re delighted to say that this one is truely international and we think it’s a great VFTC!

Let’s not waste any time then and get started.

Amishtrucker sent in ‘a view of the IH35-Loop 20 interchange from Loop 20 (driving west).  I have sent in a number of pictures that showed this interchange from IH35.

Amishtrucker126 427x320

‘A lot of the commercial/warehouse businesses in Laredo have been built along the loop 20 area, especially west of I35. This area has a lot of truck traffic and is usually crowded. The border bridge crossing to Mexico is only about 5 miles to the left on IH35 and there is another bridge if you keep going straight ahead and follow the river north for a few miles.

‘Laredo, a mix of cultures. And sometimes, a clash of cultures’.

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Now we welcome bergmanman to the Tachoblog Tribe.  Whilst we’re always delighted to get Views from someone new, the fact that they’re from a country we’ve not previously visited makes them all the better.

In his first View, bergmanman is being ‘blocked by a cyclist in a small town in northern Sweden’…

bergmanman1 427x255

…Here we find him ‘leaving the last stop for the day – Fors Paper Mill in the middle of Sweden’.

bergmanman2 427x255

And now to America to catch up with Darkstaff who starts with ‘A very special VFTC! That’s Edibledawg and his wifey Karmen! Finally got to meet them’…

darkstaff112 427x313

…’Another of Edibledawg and his pup Benji!’…

darkstaff210 427x309

Lastly from Darkstaff, this View of ‘a Snowy start in Taylor, Michigan.  This after spending two daysin rain – fitting’.

darkstaff38 311x320

To New Zealand now where we’ve got an appointment with Vic H.  Vic tells us that until ‘about 6 months ago State Highway 1, which runs from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island, used to run through the middle of the town of Taupo and along the Taupo lake front.

‘While this gave the truck drivers excellent views of the bikini-clad sunbathers in the summer [given that Mrs H might be reading this, do you think that's a wise observation Vic?!], the Taupo residents and holiday-makers were less than enthusiastic about the procession of heavy trucks in one of their main streets.

‘A new 16km road, completely by-passing the town, was recently built at a cost of about $100 million, so I decided to take a few photos of it when I was there this week. There were 2 obstacles in the way of the by-pass, firstly the Wairakei geothermal field which obviously doesn’t make a very stable foundation for a highway. This was overcome by building this viaduct on very deep foundations over the top of the geothermal area…

Vic H16 427x320

…’Then there was the Waikato River to cross, which just meant a bridge’…

Vic H26 427x320

…’And they built this rather attractive one’…

Vic H35 427x320

…’In this last photo, which is not mine but is a Taupo Council press photo, you can see the bridge being put into position by a few cranes’.

Vic H43 427x290

Time for a big jump as we head to Canada and meet up with Al_Goodhall

AlGoodhall1 427x320

AlGoodhall2 427x320

AlGoodhall3 427x320

AlGoodhall4 427x320

We return to America now to catch up with longstanding Tribe member LakewoodLoon (do we really need to remind you that he used to be TheNose100?).  He says that ‘they say it’s a wintry mix today in Garfield Hts, Ohio’ And it doesn’t look like they’re wrong to Tachoblog!…

LakewoodLoon13 427x320

…In this view he’s ‘headed to customer having just got off the freeway’.

LakewoodLoon22 427x320

And that’s all the Views for this week.

Tachoblog is really grateful to all the Tachoblog Tribe that sent in their pictures.

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