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View From The Cab Logo19 427x62This week we have three bridges, Tachoblog is puzzled, some Interstate facts, a video and more.

Best get started then.

We begin with RandyNose who is in, he thinks, ‘Portland, New York on Hwy 20′…

RandyNose Portland New York 1

…Here he is in Buffalo, New York at a trailer wash.  ‘Food grade only. Hand washed with pressure washer, and dudes INSIDE the tank’…

RandyNose Buffalo New York 2 427x255

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…’This old truck (a General?) has been neutered (no 5th wheel) and only blows (air).  I don’t care what they say. It’s not exactly sexy’…

RandyNose 31 427x255

…Here it is again but can anyone explain what it’s used for?  Tachoblog’s puzzled.

RandyNose 42 427x255

View From The Cab Logo19 427x62

Darkstaff sent this ‘view from the ‘Sure-Kill’ expressway.  (Actually it’s called the Schuykill expressway. It got it’s nickname from being a fairly deadly road.)  I never really like being this close to Philadelphia, but our load to Deleware required driving a short stretch here.  By the way, no one was killed this day’…

Darkstaff Schuykill Expressway 1 427x240

…’Today, we drove through my stomping grounds in Pennsylvania.  It was rather foggy, as you can plainly see. Quite a sight though, very creamy and soft. Gave a whole new edge to very familiar sights.  This was taken along I-81 in the area of Carlisle.  (BTW, the “we” refers to myself and my team mate Liz. I jumped ship from my last company to go where she was. Been there 2 months and doing very well! And to boot, she’s an import. Born and raised in Holland!)’…

Darkstaff Pennsylvania 2 427x320

…’Here we are rolling through Pottsville, Pennsylvania.  Home of the oldest brewery, and may I add, some of the tastiest adult beverages, in America, Yeungling Brewery. Established in 1829′.  Tachoblog would like to add that if the Yeungling Brewery would like us to test their wares we’d be more than happy to do so…

Darkstaff Pottsville Pennsylvania 3 427x288

…And here’s the promised video View From The Cab.  Darkstaff shot it ‘trying out a new app called Motion Pictures. We’re driving west on I-80 in Iowa, ending with a pull into the fuel island at the Pilot in Walcott, Iowa’…

…’I am at the west side genesis of Interstate 90. The highway that rolls clear across the country to Boston’.

Given that Tachoblog’s knowledge of Interstate 90 is zero, we had to look up where it started to work out where Darkstaff was.  It’s Seattle by the way.

Doing this we learnt that Interstate 90 is the longest Interstate Highway in the United States at 3,099.07 miles (4,987.47 km).   And that it’s the northernmost coast-to-coast interstate.

Darkstaff Seattle 5 427x320

View From The Cab Logo19 427x62

Now we head south and join Amishtrucker in Texas and the first of our bridges.  He’s crossing the beautiful Colorado River at Bastrop. The old bridge on the right is still being used as a walking trail.  This beautiful scene is about a mile from where the Bastrop fires started this past summer’…

Amishtrucker Colorado River Bastrop Texas 1 427x320

…’Olde Town Bastrop. This is just past the river, just past the old downtown and a beautiful street, again about a mile from where the fire started’…

Amishtrucker Bastrop Texas 2 427x320

View From The Cab Logo19 427x62Finally we catch up with Surfingtrucker and two more bridges.  The first is the George Washington Bridge ‘in light traffic due to it being Veteran’s Day’…

Surfingtrucker George Washington Bridge 1 427x250

…’Crossing the Throg’s Neck Bridge onto Long Island’…

Surfingtrucker Throgs Neck Bridge 2 427x250

…Finally we reach Surfingtrucker’s final destination in West Babylon, New York.  He says this is a ‘Typical hurry up and wait customer’.

Surfingtrucker West Babylon New York 3 427x250

That’s all for this week’s View From The Cab.

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