After having to post last Friday’s View From The Cab on Monday, we’re back on track and ready to bring you the Views from the Tachoblog Tribe’s windscreens.

Before we start with this week’s View From The Cab, if you’d like to join the Tachoblog Tribe and View From The Cab, then you’re more than welcome.

All you have to do is email your Views to or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog, or post them on Tachoblog’s Facebook Wall.   Please remember include a line or two of text that says, if nothing else, where the picture (or video!) was taken.

Also, you’ll notice that this week we’ve separated the Views with the ‘View From The Cab’ logo that LakewoodLoon kindly created for us.

View From The Cab Logo 427x62He thinks that it will make it easier to ‘tell who’s truck goes with what text’.  If it helps you enjoy View From The Cab then Tachoblog’s all for it.  What do you think? Let Tachoblog know – please.

Right then, on with this week’s Views.

We start with Darkstaff who was enjoying ‘a warm morning with a beautiful sunrise in Carnesville, Georgia. Nice way to start the week’…

Darkstaff Carnesville Georgia 1 320x320

…Then we find him crossing the ‘Tennessee River in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Driving along I-24 westbound’…

Darkstaff Chattanooga Tennessee 2 320x320

Now click below for more from Darkstaff and the rest of this week’s View From The Cab…

…This is ‘Nashville, Tennesse on a beautiful hot day. Traffic was horrendous. But patience won out!’…

Darkstaff Nashville Tennessee 3 320x320

…Another river crossing for Darkstaff, this time he’s ‘crossing the Ohio River on I-24, saw another means of “getting it there”‘…

Darkstaff Ohio River 4

…Now he’s at a truck stop in Percival, Iowa which is bracing itself ‘for a major flood with 10′ mounds of dirt’…

Darkstaff Percival Iowa 5 427x318

…Continuing on his (what must be a very long_ journey, Darkstaff is ‘following this 2 lane wide dump bed on I-80 in Wyoming. Thankfully, I got off the next exit!’…

Darkstaff Wyoming 6 427x310

…In his last View for this week, he’s ‘rolling through the Green River Tunnel in Wyoming on I-80′.

Darkstaff Green River Tunnel Wyoming 7

View From The Cab Logo 427x62LakewoodLoon that used to be TheNose100 has changed his name again and is now RandyNose.  He’s had quite a week as he explains ‘Wow. What a week! I went down to LA (That’s Louisiana, not that place out west)… This past week. I got plenty of Happy Birthday’s on Facebook. Thanks! – It made the time on the road a little better.

‘I recall LittleTrucker talking about a bridge to nowhere, and I think she was in New Jersey. Well, sister, I think that New Orleans has got that bridge beat.  This is part of I-10 just east of the I-510 interchange, if I recall correctly’…

RandyNose New Orleans 1

…’And, as I’m headed out from where I make my delivery, you can get the tailpipe view of a monster space ship rocket’s exhaust pipe.  Notice the man off to the right hand side of the picture. – Looks like he might be able to sand up inside that exhaust pipe, eh?  So, I guess it’s same to assume that they DO have some rocket scientists in the neighborhood’…

RandyNose Louisiana 2

…’And this bad boy zoomed right on past me… I was driving Gutless Gertrude (a Western Star, with a Detroit 60 series) on the trip… She falls down at the sight of a hill..  In any case, I got on the CB and told the driver about the Summer Trucking Contest on Facebook. Dunno if he’ll follow up on it, or not’…

RandyNose Louisiana 3

…’Back in Ohio, the Local Cincinnati, News 12 Crews are doing an interview with the DOT at the scales, about truck safety. Something about a 72 hr safety deal or some such bother.

‘And Last but not least, and since the links are supposed to follow through, I changed my Moniker on Twitter to @RandyNose, since I use that most everywhere else… Twitter is supposed to forward such changes and things, so it shouldn’t be to much of a bother’

RandyNose Ohio 2

View From The Cab Logo 427x62We move to Europe now and find Bergmanman ‘cruising behind a logger om my way to Falun. Road works all the way icon sad ‘.

Bergmanman Falun 1 427x255

View From The Cab Logo 427x62Outside of his native Germany…

Rainerri1967 Nancy to Strassbourg 1

Rainerri1967 sent some ‘pictures from France’…

Rainerri1967 Nancy to Strassbourg 2

…As he was on his way from Nancy to Strassbourg on the N4′.

Rainerri1967 Nancy to Strassbourg 3

View From The Cab Logo 427x62

Finally for this week we travel to New Zealand where Vic H says that ‘it wasn’t a good week in NZ for Views from the Cab, I’m afraid. Monday was a Public Holiday, Tuesday I took a day off that was due to me, Wednesday it didn’t stop raining and was impossible to take any photos through the windscreen, Thursday I spent most of the time on the InterIsland ferries and today it rained again all day.

‘It eased up slightly for a few minutes as I was coming home along the Napier-Taupo Road; just long enough for me to get this fuzzy shot through the wet windscreen’…

Vic H Napier Taupo Road 1 427x320

…’of an approaching Freightliner Argosy logger throwing up a cloud of spray from the wet road.  I hope to do better next week!’ [Don't apologise Vic, these Views are great!].

Vic H Napier Taupo Road 2 427x318

Well that’s your View From The Cab for this week.

Tachoblog is, as always, very grateful to the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views.

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