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Tachoblog’s View From The Cab – 4.3.11

Welcome to this week’s View From The Cab!  For those of you that don’t know, VFTC is a collection of pictures that the Tachoblog Tribe have taken through the windscreens of their trucks.

We’re always glad to greet new members of the Tachoblog Tribe, so you’re more than welcome to join in with VFTC if you’d like too.  All you have to do is email your Views to vftc@tachoblog.com or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog, or post them on Tachoblog’s Facebook Wall. Don’t forget to include a line or two of text that says, if nothing else, where the picture was taken.

This week we start in New Zealand, so that can only mean one thing…it’s time to catch up with Vic H.  Vic says he’s sent ‘something a bit different this week.  The other day while I was driving along the road that skirts Lake Taupo, I came across this B-Train with the curtains open and a few Police taking an interest in what was inside. I couldn’t work out what was happening, until’…

VicH18 427x320

Now click below to find out what Vic saw and see the rest of this week’s Views…

…’about 5km further on I met this scene at a rather nasty corner known as Bulli Point. These two containers which contained frozen cherries were on the ground, obviously having fallen out of the B-Train I had seen earlier and they were being guarded by a couple of policemen. I won’t speculate on the cause but it wouldn’t take too much work to think of a couple of possible reasons!’

VicH28 427x320

Over in America,  Amishtrucker sent in a View from when he was ‘coming off the Harbor Bridge and looking out over downtown Corpus Christi, Texas. Started off cloudy and a bit chilly this morning but a beautiful day in Corpus Christi today with temps in the 70′s’…

Amishtrucker125 427x320

…’And this View of ‘Corpus Christi Bay from Ocean Drive.  Always a beautiful drive!’…

Amishtrucker219 427x320

…Finally he’s provided this View of him ‘running Houston [Sugar Land on US 59 northbound to be precise] this morning alongside a truck that makes syre people will get their Doritos today.’Amishtrucker312 427x320


DriverAlliance wanted to change one of his Views from last week.  But we didn’t spot that until too late so here it is for this week.  We don’t know where it’s from though – can anyone help?

DriverAlliance12 427x320

LakewoodLoon [you do remember that he used to be TheNose100 don't you!]  was at a petrol station (he referrred to it as a ‘Petro’)  in ‘Girard, Ohio. Haven’t been here in some time. Can’t say that I’ve missed it’…

LakewoodLoon12 427x320

…He says that there is a ‘much nicer outlook in Cleveland (Ohio) today!’

LakewoodLoon21 427x320

Lastly for this week we catch up with Darkstaff who was in Virginia Hills, ‘rolling down I-81 on his first day back at work after a week off’.  Given the distances Darkstaff seems to cover, Tachoblog thinks it was high time that he had a few days holiday!

Darkstaff123 400x320

And that’s all for this week.  Tachoblog’s thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views.  Without them, this post wouldn’t be a post!

Before we go, we must remind you that Frosty Fenders finishes this month.  So if you want to be part of it and haven’t yet submitted a picture, then there’s not much time left!


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