Tachoblog was delighted to receive an email from Vic Hungerford in New Zealand.

Unfortunately the mail arrived too late to be inTachoblog’s View From The Cab – 5.6.09 but there was no way we weren’t going to use Vic’s Views…

Vic introduces himself by saying “I spend most of my time in an International 94001 B-train, carrying grape juice and wine between wineries and from various wineries to bottling plants around New Zealand, and a lot of the vineyards and wineries are in beautiful parts of the country.”, and then included these pictures:

Here I am at Esk valley Estate in Hawke’s Bay. Cut into the hill on one side of the winery is this small and very low-yielding vineyard, called The Terraces, from which come the grapes for one of the best and most exclusive red wines in New Zealand (the world?) called Esk Valley The Terraces. Esk Valley don’t pay me to say that, either!

090608 vftc vic1

Away from the wineries and vineyards and heading for home, this is the view through the passenger’s window from the summit of Titiokura.. It is quite a long and steep climb to the top of “Titi”, high-split 4th in low range (25km/h) in the Inter at 45 tonnes.

090608 vftc vic2

Same gear, same speed going down the other side; I took this photo from a small pull-off area just over the summit.

090608 vftc vic3

Down at the bottom of the hill the road crosses the Mohaka River on this bridge, which is about 300 feet above the river level. When I first started driving this bridge wasn’t built and the road used to wind down to a bridge just above river level; that road was very narrow and steep, 1st gear down and up for most trucks of the day. Once over this new bridge, the road goes over the brow of the rise, then climbs again to the top of the hill in the distance, Te Haroto; this is another long climb.

090608 vftc vic4

From the plains the road descends to Lake Taupo down the Opepe hill. The road levels out about halfway down before descending again, and the government makes a fortune by positioning mobile speed cameras out of sight over the brow in the second part of the hill.

090608 vftc vic5

Vic finishes with “So, there’s a few hours in the life of a Kiwi trucker. Perhaps not as relaxing as sitting on a UK motorway with cruise control on, but each to his own and I enjoy it.”

Vic, we’re glad you like what you do, we like your pictures and hope you’ll become the first NZ member of the Tachoblog Tribe and send us a View each week.