We have a bumper crop of Views to get through this week – Tachoblog’s very grateful to all the Tachoblog Tribe that sent them in – with several from the UK too.

This week we’ll be starting in France, moving to Germany and then England before we finish in America.

So let’s get started…

Although we’re in France, this View is from Rainerri1967 (who lives and usually works Germany) who is loading near Mühlhouse…

Rainerri1967 121

Now click below for more from Rainerri1967 and the rest of this week’s Views…

…After loading he has a quick drive home where ‘Baby Pinky is waiting for Papa’…

Rainerri1967 210

…And this is Pinky when Rainerri1967 left this morning…

Rainerri1967 32 427x318

To England now and we join TruckDrivercouk ‘just past the Cafe about to hit final climb of Stainmore, County Durham’ eastbound on the A66


We stay in the North of England where Rizzo101 ‘found this old leyland truck at the back of a customers shed near Ormskirk, Lancashire – its a bit dusty!’…

Rizzo101 1 427x320

…This is what he could see as he was ‘trucking through the Lake District’ and, as Rizzo101 says, it was a ‘beautiful day for it’

Rizzo101 2 427x320

Let’s hop over the Atlantic now and catch up TheNose100 who sent this View of the ‘Sunset from Wheeling, West Virginia  – Popcicle factory, a rare instance of facing west to unload’.

TN100 112 427x320

It’s been a couple of  weeks, but we’re delighted that Darkstaff’s been able to send in some Views this time.  This is him ‘crossing the Mississippi river on US190. That’s a train trestle to the left’…

Darkstaff18 427x318

…Now he’s ‘driving to the Pilot fuel stop in Nitro, West Virginia’…

Darkstaff27 427x318

…Here we find him ‘driving across the bayous in Louisiana on I-10, headed west towards Texas’.  He tells is that ‘this is an 18 mile bridge system’…

Darkstaff34 427x318

…His last picture is ‘a slightly artistic view of a rainy day at the Pilot in Priceville, Alabama’.

Darkstaff42 427x318

Down in Texas, Amishtrucker was ‘crossing the Causeway (Cos-way) from Corpus Christi to South Padre Island on the road that is otherwise known as South Padre Island Drive’….


…’Beautiful weather these days brings out lots of bikers. Saw these riders of FM 359 near Mathis, Texas’…


…’Beautiful rolling South Texas ranchland on Hwy US 181 near Kenedy’


Amishtrucker says that ‘all of these photos reflect the beautiful fall weather we are enjoying in Texas right now. It is beautiful. I wish it could stay like this for like ten months, and then maybe a bit of summer icon smile ’.

And finally for this week, we meet up with SurfingTrucker who’s ‘taking a little cat nap at the rest area in Chelmsford, Massachusetts’

SurfingTrucker15 427x320

Thanks again to all that sent in their Views.

If you’d like to join in with VFTC – and you’re most welcome to do so – all you have to do is email your Views to vftc@tachoblog.com or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog – please do include a line or wo of text that says, if nothing else, where the picture was taken.

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