Once again Tachoblog was running behind last week, but the Tachoblog Tribe certainly weren’t and they got their Views to us on time.

So apologies (yet) again for this being late, but here is the View From The Cab.

We start this week with TexasTrucker who was, as his name suggests, in Texas.  Near a very wet looking Dallas to be precise.

texas trucker

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In Germany, Rainerri1967 was near Rottweil at the Neckartal.  He says ‘Weather?OK. Work? It’s Friday!’


Meanwhile TruckerDesiree and Karma the Wonderdog were watching the sunrise in South Carolina.


TheNose100 was in Springfield, Ohio waiting to unload at a customers.

x2 57cecc

Making a very welcome return is SurfingTrucker who was Northbound on 495 in Boxboro, Massachusetts.   He says we should ‘note the new computer with GPS on the dash!’


From New Zealand, Vic H was down in the South Island this week but said that ‘the weather wasn’t too good for photos down there, so I got a few on the way back up through the North Island instead.  I had to stop at this railway crossing for a train (a B-train gives way to a real train!) at Ohingaiti. This crossing doesn’t look very flash, but it is State Highway 1 crossing the Main Trunk Railway’…


…’Then coming along the Desert Road, a couple of typical views’…

desrert rd1

…’Where the winding road crosses streams on narrow bridges’…

desert rd2

…’And a view of some of the power pylons that carry electricity from the hydro power stations.’

desert rd3

Back in Texas, Amishtrucker was ‘driving in snow (Texas style!) along hwy 59 near Wharton’…


…Then into the sunset along Highway 111 in Lavaca County.   He says ‘no more snow (same day as previous picture an hour earlier) and the sun had been out’.


Darkstaff’s been in California this week from where he’s sent us this brace of Views.  Starting with this snowy scene from near Fresno.  He says ‘It was dead on 32 degrees. So much fun. NOT!’…


…Slightly warmer there’s this View when he’s heading into Palm Springs showing ‘from what I’ve seen, the highest concentration of wind power in the US. (For now)’…


…Now we join him ‘going down a nice 7% grade on US101 towards Pismo Beach’…


…These are some California hill houses which, Darkstaff says command ‘a gorgeous view of the ocean, and probably HUGE $$$ no doubt!’…


…’Aaaaah, the beautiful Pacific Ocean! First time seeing it in 20 years! Wow how I love this part of California’…


…Finally Darkstaff wonders ‘if there is a pea under all those mattresses? Amazing what you see in L.A.’


To be honest, Darkstaff sent us about twenty Views this week and we sadly can’t use them all.  But if you want to see them, use this link to Darkstaff’s Views.

Tachoblog’s thanks to all the Tachoblog Tribe that sent in their Views.  Don’t forget that you’re welcome to join in too.  Just email your Views to vftc@tachoblog.com or send a tweet starting #vftc to @tachoblog