Ok, ok, Tachoblog knows that it’s Monday and we didn’t post up last week’s View From The Cab – we do have an excuse though.

Anyway, let’s not waste any more time, here are this week’s Views which all arrived at Tachoblog Towers last Friday.

This week we start with one of the first members of the Tachoblog Tribe, namely Heydriver and Goldie.  They started off looking at Lower Manhattan from across the East River on The Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE). I-278 E…

090706 vftc heydriver1

Click below to see the rest..

…Here you can see Goldie under the Promanade looking at the Brooklyn Bridge. BQE…

090706 vftc heydriver2

…And finally, as Heydriver said, ‘Goldie ducks under! Going under the Manhattan Bridge?. 12′ 2′ hgt? not’.

090706 vftc heydriver3

TheNose100 spotted this and wrote ’60′s-ish? looking Paint Scheme on Fellow Tanker. – Waiting to get washed and loaded at Domino Sugar, Cleveland, Ohio.

090706 vftc thenose100

Now here’s dedication.  SurfingTrucker had the day off so sent us this View OF The Cab as he enjoyed a cup of coffee at home!

090706 vftc surfingtrucker

Over in New Zealand, Vic Hungerford headed off from Auckland for the South Island early on Monday morning.  Tthere had been a bit of snow on the desert on Sunday night but the snow ploughs and a bit of sunshine had the Desert Road pretty clear by the time he got there…

090706 vftc vich1

…The weather wasn’t the best for the ferry crossing with 7-metre swells in Cook Strait…

090706 vftc vich2

…But by the time he was driving back to Auckland this morning the weather had changed for the better, as you can see from this 9am photo.  As he says, ‘Not a bad day for what is the middle of our winter!’

090706 vftc vich3

Meanwhile in Germany, Rainerri1967 was having to wait to be loaded.

090706 vftc rainerri1967

Karma The Wonderdog was waiting for TruckerDesiree

090706 vftc karma1

…Whilst TruckerDesiree was giving the truck a bath.

090706 vftc karma2

Finally, Amishtrucker was driving across Corpus Christi Bay from Portland, Texas to Corpus Christi, watching the clouds build up in the background…

090706 vftc amishtrucker1

…Then he passed Whataburger Field on the right as he came down off of the Bay Bridge into Corpus.

090706 vftc amishtrucker2

Tachoblog’s thanks as always to everyone for sending in their Views and apologises again for them not being posted on Friday.