Time for this week’s View From The Cab (VFTC) then…

If you don’t know what VFTC is, the idea’s simple; members of the Tachoblog Tribe send in one or two (or even three) pictures of what they can  / have seen out of their cab along with a brief description.  Tachoblog collates the images and we get VFTC.

This week we’re starting with the good news that, after a (no doubt long) month, LorryDay is back on the road again and sending in his pictures.  First off from Gloucester, England…

090605 vftc lorryday2

…And then on the M40 in Buckinghamshire as he heads home again.

090605 vftc lorryday1

Meanwhile Tachoblog peers at the M25 near J23 in Hertfordshire…

090605 vftc tachoblog1

…before entering the lanes somewhere near Borehamwood (where the UK ‘Big Brother’ house is don’t you know).

090605 vftc tachoblog2

Over in Germany, Rainerri1967 was with his new truck waiting to be unloaded in Kenzingen near Freiburg…

090605 vftc rainerri1967 1

…And was then a ‘Rolling Stone’ – his pun not ours!

090605 vftc rainerri1967 2

Over in America Little Trucker had headed into the Midwest to find some peace and quiet. First stop, a beautiful sunset in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas…

090605 vftc littletrucker1

…She says ‘If you look close enough you can almost see the Rocky Mountains…Just teasing but Kansas does stretch on for miles’…

090605 vftc littletrucker2

…And finally, heading home, she catches this shot of the famous St Louis Gateway Arch.  The Gateway to the West – apparently.

090605 vftc littletrucker3

In Australia, TwoCrowsDown had enjoyed the early morning view at Munjina Gorge lookout in the Pilbara, Western Australia…

090605 vftc twocrowsdown1

…But wasn’t so keen on the fog northbound between Wubin and Paynes Find.

090605 vftc twocrowsdown2

Back in the USA, Amishtrucker was driving through Crystal City, Texas looking at a statue of Popeye (there on the right)…

090605 vftc amishtrucker1

…Later he headed into Laredo, Texas on I35 heading under the bridge from Loop 20 to Northbound I35.

090605 vftc amishtrucker2

Heydriver and Goldie were sighing in the rain  on NJ Rte 17 S near Moonachie, New Jersey…

090605 vftc heydriver

…They then stopped near Union City where ‘Old Glory fights against the rain’…

090605 vftc heydriver2

…And then on to Goya Foods near Secaucus where, Heydriver tells us that ‘this guard rail has destroyed many bumpers’ [But never Goldie's we hope!].

090605 vftc heydriver3

The Great Canadian Pumpkin was, unsurprisingly, in Canada – Toronto, Ontario to be precise – where he saw something in his mirror that would be more at home a little closer to Tachoblog…

090605 vftc grtcanpump1


090605 vftc grtcanpump2

…And then off.

090605 vftc grtcanpump3

SurfingTrucker was staying on the Pumpkin theme whilst at his terminal near Carlisle in Pennsylvania where ‘a group of our old trucks being sold of sit next to a group of brand new trucks.’

090605 vftc surfingtrucker

Trucker Desiree and Karma the Wonderdog were at Bald Knob, Arkansas, with Karma thinking about switching roles…

090605 vftc truckerdesiree1

Finally Emailokc wished us a good morning from Cincinnati Ohio and said it was ‘time to get out of bed, your burning daylight!’ while he was at dock getting unloaded.

090605 vftc emalokc

Tachoblog’s thanks to the Tachoblog Tribe for making this week’s View From The Cab the biggest we’ve ever had.  If you want to get involved, send your ‘Views’ to Tachoblog next Friday by email to vftc@tachoblog.com