So here we are withe the first View From The Cab for March – the year’s already speeding behind us – and Tachoblog’s delighted to say that this week’s post is a cracking international one!

Before we get started, Tachoblog would like to thank the Tachoblog Tribe for sending in their Views.  Now let’s get started and catch up with Heydriver and Goldie who have sent in a few Views from this week.  The first is Erie Canal lock in Mohawk, New York where they were ‘a day behind’.

Heydriver 11

Click below for more from Heydriver and Goldie as well as the rest of this week’s Views…

In the second of their Views, Heydriver and Goldie sent this one of a New York farm from the Torrey Ridge…

Heydriver 21

…Then we join them ‘crossing the Monongahela River on I-70 in Pennsylvania’…

Heydriver 3

…and here spotting that ‘the Buckeye scale is closed. Hammer down west bound!’

Heydriver 4

In New Zealand, Vic H tells us that ‘the wine vintage in NZ is on us again with the first grapes being picked a few days ago, so it was back off to the South Island with the wine tankers this week. On Monday I was climbing the Atiamuri Hill on State Highway 1 just as the sun was coming up’…

Vic H 12

…’But then a few minutes later the view was completely spoiled by the dust from some road works.’

Vic H 22

AmishTrucker sent in this ‘shot of Whataburger in Goliad, Texas. This is a very common Texas sight. Texas based, Texas founded, the Whataburger chain serves up hamburgers the way we Texans like them, real meat, big, cheese and all the toppings. Their slogan: Just the way you like it!   And like the guy on the radio spot says, ‘What! A! Burger!’…


…And also this ‘exciting image of Austin traffic. Not exciting you say?   Well, I had to try. This is eastbound on Ben White, actually Hwy 71 leaving the east side of town and headed towards Bastrop. A lot of traffic, but turns out there were two accidents up ahead.  I don’t get to Austin very much anymore, but this is the way I remember that town. Traffic.   Lots of it.’


Staying in America we join TruckerDesiree and Karma the Wonderdog who are in Delaware today.

TruckerDesiree 1

From Australia, TwoCrowsDown sent in several Views, the first of which he says is ‘wwapping trailers near the Packsaddle stockyards before unloading at Packsaddle Camp, Area C mine’…


…Then some ‘cattle near the Packsaddle stockyards trying to keep out of the sun’…


…He tells us that this is the ‘sign on the gate to the Packsaddle stockyards’…


…Next we find him ‘checking the load before entering the Great Northern Highway and heading to Perth’…


…Then ‘knocking the dust out of the rims before getting on the bitumen’…


…This is ‘Shaun being a smart arse at a stop on the way out of the Golden Grove mine’…


…And finally TwoCrowsDown encounters ‘bitumen resurfacing work near Dalwallinu. Can’t say I really knew there was anything wrong with that particular stretch of road. Two kilometers down the road you have to slow down to avoid suffering internal injuries as you get thrown violently around the cab.’


Back in the USA, Darkstaff was ‘going down Fancy Gap into North Carolina on I-77 in Virginia.

Darkstaff 11

Jerry B (& the Uganda Crew) sent us this ‘view through the windscreen, over the bonnet of an 80 Series VX Cruiser. A minibus taxi in downtown Kampala, Uganda taken about a year ago. A window logo exhorting the “avoidance” (personally this word could be beefed up a bit, I feel) of child sacrifice, something that is painfully common still in Africa with its deeply-engrained beliefs in witchcraft and sacrifice/mutilation as a cure for everything from impotence to AIDS’…

Jerry B 11

…They also sent this View which Jerry says is’not what it first looks like. Taken through the windscreen of a 200 Series V8 Cruiser on the Gulu road about 6 months ago on my way back from a military exercise near the Sudan border that we were involved in.  The truck on the left is actually broken down (as they invariably are here) with the local method of indicating a problem being quite apparent, namely the broken branches laid for 100 metres or so on each side of the incident. Whilst these units look totally overloaded (and volumetrically they are) these bags of charcoal probably only weigh 30kg on average per sack so weight not such an issue. The downside is the hundreds of truckloads that are driven into the city each week, illegally hacked out of the rapidly diminishing forests. That’s the price you pay for one of the highest population growth rates on the planet and only 10% of the population with access to electricity.’

Jerry B 21

In Germany Rainerri1967 was finding Aalen at -6C cold and says that ‘winter is back’.

Rainerri1967 13

We’re pleased to have LittleTrucker back with us and she sent this View of Benton County Wind Farm in Indiana, USA.

LittleTrucker 1

DriverGeoff was at the Pilot travel center Satsuma, Alabama.


Finally for this week we catch up with TheNose1oo who was on I-71 in Ohio, North of Columbus.  He says that the first View made ‘me think the dude is waiting for the ice to crack so he can put his boat in the water’…

TheNose100 1" rel="lightbox[pics7253]" href="">TheNose100 13

…’The Second two are just of houses along the way, that didn’t quite get captured as well as I would have liked’…

TheNose100 23

…’Something about over a mile a minute, and the speed, or lack of speed, of the digital cameras.’

TheNose100 31

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