Back to normal this week, with View From The Cab actually being posted on Friday!  Once again the Tachoblog Tribe have been sending in their views for which Tachoblog is very grateful.

We start withDarkstaff who sent this view of Mt. Shasta going north on I-5 in the Cascades, California…


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Earlier in the week he’d sent this one with an apology for ‘all the bugs!’ on this View going north on US 285 out of Sanderson,Texas…


…And also this View from back on 31.8.09 of the smoke cloud from the LA fires as seen from the TA Truckstop in Ontario, California.


Heydriver and Goldie were crossing the Delaware River on the Tacony – Palmyra Bridge…


…Then from the Pennsylvania Turnpike on I-276 W, they wondered whether ‘it‘s a cell phone tower or a really ugly tree’.


TheNose100 was Southbound on I-71 in Lorain, Ohio.


Surfingtrucker sent in four Views, the first as he passes Our Lady of Mt Carmel in Worcester, Massachusetts – What surprised Tachoblog was that we remembered seeing this church in a previous VFTC and, with a little digging we realised we were right, have a look atTachoblog’s View From The Cab 20.3.09


…This shows the horseshoe curve from 290 onto 495.   Surfingtrucker comments that ‘Lots of trucks have rolled here’…


…Next he saw a car that had gone into the woods on 495 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts – Surfingtrucker obviously checked that everyone was ok and reports that ‘the driver in that accident was okay, just some scratches’ – and if you look at the reflection in the window, you can see the man himself!…


…Finally from Surfingtrucker we can see I-495 / I-93 interchange.  He says that it is ‘usually very busy in the morning, but not on the Friday of a holiday weekend!’


Drivergeoff is eastbound on 36 near St Joseph in Missouri.


As you’ll know from yesterday’s post Now That’s A Sharp Bend Vic Says Tachoblog, Vic H has been hauling wine around Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand.  As you can see from this first of his Views, the road follows the railway line a fair bit and even coincides with it on one bridge…

vic h2

…Which is this one!  Vic tells us the ‘railway line is actually along the bridge that road vehicles use, but for the last few years the trains have ceased running that far so it is now only a road bridge. Previously you just watched out for the trains and if you saw one coming towards you you selected reverse quite quickly! The trains had a 5mph speed restriction so it wasn’t really dangerous.’  Sounds dangerous enough to us Vic!

vic h1

And that’s your lot for this week!  Thanks again to the Tachoblog Tribe for sending their Views.